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    When I was diagnosed with FM about five years ago, my doctor told me to avoid foods with saccharin, NutraSweet, MSG, etc.

    Well this past week, I have finally - and I mean finally - after much urging from friends and family, quit drinking diet soda. I was averaging a 2-liter bottle a day myself, alone. I have decided to only drink diet soda when I am outside the house (which isn't much these days because I'm too dang tired).

    Now...........if only I can quit this Vicodin addiction I've gotten myself all twisted up in!! UGH!!
  2. mbofov

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    You should watch the documentary Sweet Misery - it tells how aspartame got FDA approved for public consumption, despite overwhelming evidence showing it's a neurotoxin, causing brain tumors and all sorts of very nasty problems, and doesn't help with weight loss anyways.

    The approval process by the FDA was chilling - politics and greed were the driving forces behind approval.

    Jam is right about 12 step programs for addiction. They can work. Also, look up EFT at - it's a very interesting and deceptively simple technique involving tapping on certain acupressure points, can help deal with all sorts of physical and mental difficulties. There's a free manual you can download from the site.

    Good luck -


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