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  1. craftycats6

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    HI everyone!
    I understand sugar is bad for fibro.Can we have some
    or is it none at all.Why,no,sugar?Does anyone know why
    we shouldnt have it? Also did anyone elses Dr.put you
    on any special diet.I sure would love to what kind
    or diet,and do you see a change.I'm getting
    desprtate na discouraged.PLEASE Help
    THanks everyone,

  2. Cactuslil

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    I just scanned article on sugar and gangrene in diabetes. It is a serious subject if you have a health condition that could kill you if your glucose is pi-yahhhh! I am one of those...a new one of those and I am kicking and screaming.

    I can see the authorities are correct and I am trying to taper my diet down to where there is a balance. I never even liked sweetened things until I developed diabetes. I keep having probs w/my C-section scar and that is a no-winner then there is the mandible crap!

    Go to the Web and be selective on what you read but for me the evidence is in and I am going to have to seriously overhaul my eating habits....sadly. CactusLil'
  3. nitalynn

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    Have you tried splenda? I love it!
  4. pam_d

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    Lil says she never even craved sugar 'til she got diabetes---I'm not a sweets lover, but I am allergic to wheat & milk, and I definitely crave cheese and breads now--a lot! Its tough, but it seems our bodies do crave the stuff we can't have!!!

    For a sugar alternative, try Stevia--all natural--and I swear it's exactly like aspertame in taste, in that a little sweetens a lot (of course, many folks shun aspertame not only for the obvious chemical content, but because they find it TOO overly sweet, so it's a matter of taste). I sweeten tea, salad dressings, etc. with Stevia & I like the taste. You can buy it at a health food store under "supplements", not sweeteners.

    Good luck--while you are craving a slice of pie, I guarantee, I'll be coveting a slice of pizza w/extra cheese!

  5. craftycats6

    craftycats6 New Member

    Dear Dr.Roman,
    Thank you for your I learned alot out of there any specific book from Dr.Sears that you may personally

    cathy (craftycats)
  6. craftycats6

    craftycats6 New Member

    I forgot to ask you what is the Zone DIet.DO YOU know where I may find info?

    Thank you for your time
  7. Shirl

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    Question for you, I have a friend that is a diabetic(Type 2), but she can use sugar that is from Mexico, its a light brown and it does not have any effect on her blood sugar level at all.

    Is it a difference in the refining of the sugar? I know they use a bleaching agent(or agents) here in the states when refining sugar to make it white, as I live in Louisiana, one of the biggest states for Sugar Cane growers, we used to eat the cane when we were kids.

    Just thought you might be able to answer this one for me.

    I don't have a problem with sugar, or sweets. Take them or leave them.

    Hope you are having a goodday.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. klutzo

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    Stevia is all natural and has no effect on blood sugar. It is super sweet and a tiny bit goes a long way. You can find it in any health food store. It has been used as table sugar in S. America forever, but the FDA, under pressure from the Nutrasweet lobby, had it banned here except as a supplement.
    I don't trust fake foods, and that includes Splenda. Do a websearch and you may find some scary stuff on it...I did.
    Unrefined sugar is absorbed more slowly than refined, but it is still sugar, and I'm surprised your friend can get away with it, Shirl. I'm glad for her, but would not take the chance myself, since unrefined sugar can also be contaminated.
    I'll stick with Stevia.
    P.S. Reactive Hypoglycemia is a big part of FMS for many of us. It is not the opposite of diabetes as some think, but the first stage in the development of diabetes. The sooner you stop it in it's tracks by eliminating all high glycemic index foods from your diet, the better you'll feel, and you will prevent the chance of ever getting Type II diabetes.

    P.S. To Roman - just read your profile...don't think we have anyone else here from your part of the planet! You sure are taking a load of supplements! I'm glad it is working for you. If I took 8 gms. of Vitamin C, I'd die from the resulting diarreha. Just goes to show we are all different. BTW, your English is very good, and it's wonderful of you to come here and help out. Thanks.:)

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  9. Kim

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    eat sugar make sure you eat it with a protein and eat the protein first. I've been known to have a big slice or two of turkey before eating something with sugar in it. Fat also slows the sugar spike rise and that's why fat-free cookies and other fat-free products are making people gain weight and feel bad. If you look at most fat-free products in a regular grocery store they are loaded with sugar. Of course, consuming the right kind of fat is important, too.

    Personally, when I feel bad sugar makes me feel worse. When I was in remission I could get away with a moderate amount of sugar with no change in how I felt.
  10. selma

    selma New Member

    heard of Chromium Picolinate regulating sugar?
  11. raingold

    raingold New Member

    Hi Craftycats,
    Yes! I do know of a diet that is really beneficial. After I had been practically bed ridden for a long time, by a miracle (which is too long to go into here) I came across a book called "The Macrobiotic Way" by Michio Kushi. I was unable to read hardly at all at the time (I couldn't hold a book for more than 3-4 minutes).
    In that book there are stories that are bordered on the pages. I began to read some of these stories and realized that perhaps the macrobiotic diet would help me heal. I was fortunate enough to find a caring macrobiiotic counselor (who combined "normal" food into the diet) and she cooked for me for a long time. I kept getting more and more well as my body came into balance.
    I would urge you to search for someone in your area that could help you or look up "macrobiotic" on the web. It is worth it and it works! It's simple, but not easy. Raingold
  12. PaulMark

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    to dear raingold from paul mark in ky: my dad pd. a macro counselor to come cook for me a wk. on 2 separate occaisions, the problem i had was too many grains kept my head stopped up and ears popping, they ignored my food allergy ALLCAT test ordered by DR. Cheney, said the body would balance, my mom hires a cook we still use some of the macro stuff but i'm sicker than ever bedridden mostly chronic immune dys. problmes and pain a l2 overall on scale l-l0 and

    confused on literature on following rotation diets and the importance and the things the macro people told me

    IT WOULD HELP greatly if you could give me some ideas on how you incorporate "regular food" into your macro diet

    will you please do that

    it might help many of us

    or feel free to e mail me i'll share what i know with anyone,

    thank you