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    i just read a post asking if anyone has tried a special diet. the responses were good, but i have a question. i am only able to stick to eating healthy about one week. since i have become ill my cravigs for bad carbs and sweet have risen off the chart! has anyone else experienced this? also, the worse i feel, the more bad food i crave. i feel like i am in a vicious cycle and that if i just possessed some will power i could eat healthy and feel a little better.

  2. ilovecats94

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    Just wondering as it sounds like your body is craving carbs to raise your seratonin levels. That could be a possibility.

    I try to eat more veggies and usually have a salad before meals and use fat free dressing. I have high cholesterol, so I use a lot of fat free things.

    I eat moderate amounts of meat/chicken/fish and try to eat a moderate amount of carbs. If I want a snack at night I try for that to be an apple or banana.

    I can't eat sweets because I have diabetes and have to watch my carbs too because of the same reason. You are right that it does take will power. At least I have quit the junk snack foods--chips, crackers, etc.

    Good luck, it's hard, but doable.

  3. beth0818

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    after i posted i thought about ways i can get control.....then inly an hour after lunch, i hate croussant and a cupcake. there is laways something like that here at work and i just can't say no
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    I've heard that. I think that's what it's called! :)

    I too struggle with craving for choc but I have found in the past that after a few days of total deprivation, my cravings are not as strong as before. Saying that, my willpower is on strike at the moment..the worse I feel, the more I want the 'wrong' sorts of food! Sigh!

    if you can't pass the stuff with white sugar, could you at least have it in natural forms eg. honey sandwich?

    Love Shelbo
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    and it made me think. When I am nervous or anxious, I tend to reach for the biscuit jar a little too often. Could you cravings be due to wedding nerves? Maybe things will calm down after you're wed! Congratulations, BTW!!

    Love Shelbo
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    thank you for telling me about chromium. I just posted a piture of my fiance and i if you would like to take a look. the wedding is in 5 weeks at my parent's house in key west which just got completely flooded. so, i am a little stressed : ) ttyl

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    Try using chromium picolinate,this very well may be a great aide in curbing your sugar cravings.One of the reasons you could be having these hurculean sugar bouts is that your blood glucose could be dropping and this will cause you to crave sugar so you can ressurect it and feel semi normal.Cfids/fibro sufferers are known to have low blood sugar levels and chromium picolinate can help to stabalise blood glucose levels and alleviate the horrible cravings for sugar.Try to take 200mcg per day and see if this can help.You can get this at any healh food store and this is not a bunch of pie in the sky nonsense,it honestly can be a big help.God bless.
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    Hope all the plans go, well, to plan!! :) I bet you're so excited! you'll have to try to post a wedding pic or two!!

    Love Shelbo