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    Iam 21 and have had cfs for a couple years now. I feel Iam recoverering but was wondering were I could find more about what kind of diet I should be on. I already stay away from sugars but I want to heal as fast as possible. Thanks -walter
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    On the Homepage is a list of Doctors and their protocols, Dr. Cheney has something about eliminating certain foods.

    Also, read in the Library here on-line.

    Personally, I found the Anti-Candida/Elimination Diet the best thing for me - but I only needed it short-term.

    You are already taking a big step with the sugar. Wheat and other gluten products - Rye, barley and oats, but especially wheat is something else you should avoid.

    I also take a poly-phasic digestive enzyme and Betaine HCl. I feel these things have helped me as much as the diet itself.

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