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    Does anyone feel slightly crazy if they try to diet. I eat pretty healthy, but weight has piled on.

    When I try to diet, I feel my body just turns uo side down and I tend to get a tad agressive. I have tried eating the fruits and vegs, fish, but then something kicks in and I won't be satisfied until I have some unhealthly carbs. I know about good carbs/bad carbs, but the bad are the only one's that seem to calm me down.

    My Doctor's has recommended that I don't diet, but hey it isn't him that has went up 3 dress sizes. (not allowed to exercise, as I am back at work and they say that is exercise enough, though did try it and yes work is enough!)

    Has anyone suffered the same symptom's and did you find anything that worked for you.

    I have to say I think this site is wonderful!, it's great to see the support that everyone gives.

    Keep smiling and be happy

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    I also put on the pounds over the many years that I am ill, but not from overeating but mostly from meds. But how to lose them is a going argument with my husband who is worried these pounds will lead to heart and stroke problems. I will refuse to go on any strict diet because I find them more than unhealthy. I also eat a very healthy diet and in moderation.

    The best way to lose weight is by exercising, of course, but mostly my stamina is so low that I only make it around the block which takes me abt. 20 minutes. If I go on my excercise byc I manage only 2 miles and I am in pain and exhausted.

    May be somebody can give me some good advice, would be great.

    Thank You, Lucky
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    Thanks Guys for your replies

    Not on any meds whatsoever,doing self management.Just can't exercise too much, same as you all, get so far then have to stop, same old story.

    Does getting up and down on my chair count as exercise? Only kidding.

    I walk at least 5 days out of 7 for 1/2 hr, done some swimming recently,put me out of circulation for a few days. I think I overdone it I reckon, 20 minutes tops maybe twice a week I would be okay.

    Let you all know if something works out.

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    Dieting makes me gain weight too as well as the meds I was given for this DD.
    So 3 dress sizes is about right for me too.
    I have made a decision to stop looking at scales and try to love me as I am.
    Some days that is easier than others.

    hugs to all Marion