Diets , I need to have my 5 seed crunchy bread

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 16, 2006.

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    I read about everyone's diet's and no or low carbs, no glutens and I would just DIE if I could not have my five seed bread. It is so great and it makes me work better also if you get my drift.

    I only have one food problem that I know of. Since I had my gall bladder out I can't eat greasy foods or ones that are spicy . By spicey don't mean that it will burn your tounge but just the spice that you feel as it goes down.

    It upsets my stomache and makes it hurt. I will get neauseous and my tummy is not happy with me. So when I do eat those things that bother me I reach for the antiacids and it goes away.But I have learned that I just don't crave them like I did.

    Before I had my gall bladder surgery just over a year ago. I was one of the worlds biggest DIET COKE drinker and I would drink about a 6 pack a DAY or more. Depending on what or where I was going to be. IT didn't matter if I had one for breakfast or just before I went to bed I just needed my Diet COKE.

    And right after my surgery I stopped craving the Diet Coke ,& by the time that my doctor said I could drink things that had carbonated water , I foung as I took that first swig just waiting for the great taste I had been mising and it was not there and it didn't taste like my Diet Coke . So I stopped drinking it.

    I will go out to dinner and have a diet coke but I dont' drink all of it as I would have before. What happened to me? Foods that you would not think are greasy to me are. I have KEntuckey Fried Chicken and yes it is "GREASY" I had one samll peice and I had to go home and take something for the pain in my stomache, a anticid and my visteril helped me greatly.

    But as for me having my "SOMETHING FREE" diet I don't. I just don't eat the things that bother my tummy. I know that I should cut down on my carbs but I have to have my 5 seed bread with the really cruchy crust on it. And then there is the splurge rasberry cream cheese. And if I get that I am a happy girl. NO it is not the best diet but I try to get the protiens in and my fruits too.

    So this is my diet and it works for me.
  2. sisland

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    I hear you on the 5 grain bread!! sounds like we have similar tummy troubles!! isn't it funny how our bodies rule over what we eat? I also had the Gallbladder surgery about 14 years ago and the greasy food had to go right away!.................................It's sad that we just can't eat what we like! I just drink water -tea-and alittle coffee in the mornings! on ocasasion a diet pepsi as a treat~
    Have to stick to the vegitarian Route! Yea!!

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