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Diff Between Nystatin and Diflucan--Candida

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I found this interesting and thought others might whether they were dealing with thrush, chronic sinutitus, overgrowth of candida in gut or systemic candida.
I was unable to take either, due to sensitivity, and used Berberine Complex (Barberry "berberine vulgaris", Oregon Grape, "Berberine Aquifolium", and Goldenseal), for systemic candiasis.
Best wishes, LL

Difference Between Diflucan and Nystatin:
Diflucan and Nystatin are very different in their
action. Diflucan is a systemic anti-fungal that
reaches the yeast mainly by way of the blood stream.
Although swallowed, most Diflucan is absorbed into the
blood stream through the intestine wall and works
systemically. Unfortunately, very little remains in
the intestine, so intestinal Candida may be supressed
but will not be eradicated by Diflucan.
Nystatin is actually extracted from bacteria and does
not pass through the intestinal walls. It therefore
remains in the intestines at full concentration. If
used simultaneously in both mouthwash and tablets
form, Nystatin will kill off GI candida from the mouth
to the anus, but will not affect any Candida outside
the GI tract.



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I did not know this and it's interesting. I had 2 months of Nystatin and 2 weeks of Diflucan, but they didn't work because I was still eating sugars.
Now I am mostly yeast free, but it was done with diet, not drugs. After all, you have to stop taking the drugs eventually, and if you still eat sugars it will just come right back again.
It sounds like you would need both drugs at once to really do the job, and that could be dangerous, couldn't it? I know I had to have liver function tests both before and after my 2 weeks of Diflucan because it is such a liver toxin.


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remedies are vs. the prescription drugs..I think that caprylic acid is suppose to be quite effective, but I don't know how effective for the systemic type yeast disease..And, I have read, recently, that OLE is suppose to be effective for candida, but don't know how effective..I wish that there were resources to check the effectiveness level for natural vs. prescription drugs..or even effectiveness within the "natural remedies"..

But, thank you for posting the difference between the Diflucan and Nystatin..


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The Berberine is all natural. I had to go the natural route on this one, as the RX'es were far too harsh---they really made me ill. I had IBS, resulting in Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Systemic Candida. I haven't has IBS symptoms for months! Candidiasis eradicated!
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Yes..one with out the other doesn't seem like a fix all to me either. I am with you---diet and natural means to take care of this. I cannot imagine taking both---gawd--the Nystatin, alone about did me in. Thank goodness for the herbal remedy on this one. I think to fight the systemic, and anything other than gut though, diet alone is not going to be enough. There is lots of research on chronic sinutitis being in many cases candida overgrowth--thus the use of antibiotics which is popular therapy, affects no relief. Same would seem to hold true for thrush or vaginal yeast infections---sugar certainly contributes, and feeds, but I think the berberine complex, and diet is the best means when it has gotten totally out of hand. As far as systemic candiasis---think you have to poison the little "boogers" to hit the hard to reach areas. Just knowing that the Candida can set up in joints and other organs is a real motivator.


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I have never used the Berberine Complex, you are referring to..Do you think there is a specific brand that is good?
I looked it up on the internet...is this better than caprylic acid? I would prefer to use less harsh meds when they are just as effective...Want to have it in my arsenal if needed...

I have been real impressed with OLE..and it is suppose to be an antifungal...it seems to have stopped my migraines (knock on wood) that were induced by sinusitis, caused by allergies...Just recently, I have found out that chronic sinusitis is due to fungal diseases..Is that not indirect? I had a sinus infection about every 6 weeks last year, none this year..

Have you tried ZMA?..I am trying it out now, and since, it did not work the first night, I am building it up from earlier in the day until I have used it a whole week, to see if that helps (recommended by Mikie).

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