difference b/twn codeine and cod.-phosphate

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    I did a search on this web site's search engine about for codeine phosphate and came up with 4 entries. Do any of you know what is the difference between codeine and codeine phosphate? I got some meds from a Canada pharmacy that was supposed to be codeine 8 mg. and acet. 300 mg. , but it doesn't seen to have the same affect that plain old codeine has. Does anyone know the difference between the two?
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    I think it is just a matter of buffering, and there is no difference really.
    Most of the meds you buy contain the phosphate vs. sulfate.
    8 mgs. is 8 mgs.
    I hope it helps you, that is a VERY small dose but some people are really sensitive to it and it may do you a world of good.
    It is less than 1/3 of a tylenol #3 which contains 30mgs of condeine.
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    For clarifying that. I feel really stupid...I thought Tyl. 3 had 3mgs of codeine, not 30. So, when I bought this stuff I thought I was getting a really great deal!!! Thanks again.