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  1. crossword

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    Mr pharmacist mistakenly called my doctor for a refill on lorazepam and got it when I have never taken it. I take alprazolam. After many phone calls to clear this up, I was told by my DR. and the pharmacist that it is okay to just start taking the lorazepam because they are in the same family. I am a little leery but I will start tonight as instructed. I would like to know if anyone has had any side effects on either one of these. Thanks in advance, Dotti
  2. joeb7th

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    In the ER they give you this Lorazepam. They call it Ativan.

    Apparently they prefer to use this over Diazepam ( Valium ) for one because it has a shorter half life. Just a few hours and it's out of your system. However, you still can get addicted to this as well as the other anti-anxiety medicines.

    I put a 1 milligram tablet under my toungue and let it desolve. It doesn't taste bad at all...just a tad tart. very light.

    It gets into your system quicker by desolving it under your tongue apparently.

    It still takes a good half hour for me to notice anything from this. It smoothes the nerves somewhat. Valium works better for me, seems more powerful. But Lorazpam does the job I guess.

    In my case, I have so many other issues that I am trying to find out about. Pain and weakness in arms, forearms, wrists, hands, legs, thighs, knees, calves, ankles. The weakness has gotten so bad over this last year I feel I can't stand up sometimes and legs get shakey underneath. I can't even lean on my hands on a counter as this hurts my weak arms so much now. Scheduling appointment to see about MS. Man, so tired of trying on my own for one year to find out what's ravaging my body for last year.

    No one after one year can tell me why I am so weak and sore in those areas. My balance is off sometimes too. Hard to stand still,or in line or walk.

    The anti-anxiety pills don't improve this. They just make me less tensed up and shakey all over.

    When I don't take one for 2 days I start shaking like Micheal J.Fox. Maybe not quite that bad but it feels like it to me. But docs say...they don't know...after one year.

    Must be in my head...take anti-depressants. I am going to do this...but, something inside of me feels that I have some real phsyical illness that just hasn't been diagnosed.
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    These drugs are in the same family but are slightly different. Ativan ( Lorazepam) is newer and seems to be preferred by a lot of doctors. My drug book says that it is the most potent of the benzos.
    Side effects tend to be the usual drowsiness, sedation, occasionally dizziness etc.
    All that being said, I take this drug on an as needed basis and I find it to be very helpful. I take 0.5-1mg and the side effects are not a problem for me.
    The issue of the pharmacy error is another story and I do have a problem with that. The way it has been handled looks to me like they are just sweeping it under the carpet so to speak. But that's just me.

    Good luck
  4. Gly

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    I take .5 mg with my pain pill. It's my magic formula. The Lorazepam helps relax my muscles. I take it as a substitute for Flexeril, which gives me restless legs. The only side effect I've had is drowsiness at the 1 mg dose, and when I need that dose the drowsiness is welcome relief.

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