difference between depression and discouragment ,TY

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    Hi All,

    As many of you know I've got new doctors working with me since last winter when I had to do a sit-in to get testing done by the old medical team. Being an old hippie and stubborn when I know I'm right brought me thru a whole lot of things but I made it with help from the Lord, my loving family,the good friends from around the world and sheer guts. Any how after trying to use Cymbalta for nerve pain and that having too many negative side effects in me making things much worse, I'm backing off it right now. So darned many meds are now on my no- no list.

    My new doctor called me last night to talk about where we go from here medication wise. He wanted to know how depressed I am and if I had any ideas which med might help that for me. He loves the whole idea of my having all you wonderful friends for support and respects me and my opinions. Amazing to find a doctor willing to take his own at home time like this but it only lets me like + respect him that much more. Too bad we'll lose him one day because of his having MS plus CFS. So I tried telling him about being very discouraged at times because of poor health care and deaf doctors not willing to listen to me as it's my body we're talking about. Also that somewhere along the way I said goodbye to the old me and accepted the path my life has taken. I'm not depressed and really have not had very much of that along the way. Most likely that's because of my support systems and my own inner strength.I do get discouraged at times because of limitations I have no control over no matter how hard I try.

    Some huge changes from the doctors who were bound and determined that I was a hypochondriac, drug seeking idiot. Amazing how many of us had to go that route over the years because of the invisibility factor. Just because we repeatedly asked for help and they can't see or hear us.

    The valid reactions and kind,loving words that each of you people give each of the others here is fantastic in it's least aspect. But it goes far beyond this for us to have the support,love,care and understanding. The computer might have brought us together but something much stronger keeps us coming back again and again.

    I'll sum this long message up in a very few words now. For what it's worth.......Thank you all for being my friends. It's kept me sane and out of deep depression to know you're only a short( ok I tend to be long winded I know) step away and it makes a vast difference knowing you.

    Sincerely, Maineweezie
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    I believe you've summed up my feelings for this Board very well in your note!

    Could it be that your doctor is more in-tune due to the fact he also has health problems? I'm so glad that you found your way to someone who listens and asks you what works best for you! That's wonderful!

    Discouragement over and over can cause depression. So many of us go through this ...

    Warm hugs, Jeannette
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    Thanks for the update, Maineweezie. Friends beget friends and I'm so glad you're one of mine.

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    Everyone that answered also were great. Wonderful folks on this board!

    depression...I once heard this on Oprah, comes from unresolved issues.
    We all have this, even if it is buried deep it will surface bow and then. But I find that discouragement some times brings up things from the past that we do not usually think of. It is because we are not getting what we need at the moment? The tinest things will send us off.

    Being so tired and hurting so much and living life so differently....we are open to such. Sometimes it is a med we are taking. Also brain chemicals being used up to quickly because of our fatigue and hurting, we are left with the low amounts needed to keep us going on the ups side.

    I did some volunteer work, which only demanded an hr. a week, in the first years of all of this. That helped. Giving comes back a full circle to making us feel better. I then did sewing and crafting for a church bazzar, and it was not my church!!!!!But I got so much from it, so much anjoyment. It was fun using my imagination to develope new things. I really loved making goose clothes. Then I went to family research.
    That can be addicting and fun.

    I have learned: Monitor phone calls, see who is calling on phone ID or listen for a message. Avoid ones who makes you feel bad about yourself! Some can suck the happiness right out if you. I do not listen to all of the news anymore. Just depresses me. I can not change it. I watch home shows and such on TV. No violence or such.

    Maybe we are not who we were. But you are close to my age. We can look back at the postive times that makes us feel good. Get involved in any thing that makes you feel good doing it. Even if it is not the best, or can only spend short times on your project, it helps.

    Go through old pictures and write on the back who these people are and date taken, or roughly the yr. Maybe organize them. 15 minutes a day can do wonders. You get satisfaction out of this. If not this, something that will make you feel good. You are number One and do not let anyone or anything take that from you. By being Number One to you, you have so much more to give others as you are more a live. Being number one is not selfish, it is loving.

    Who we are now is another stage of our life and we should appreciate the uniqueness of each of ourselfs and know how tough you are and be proud of yourself, as you are dealing with a strange illness and a rough one. But we learn to go with it and find appreciation in small things. We grow and we are special because of it.

    I better "Shut up" Sorry I have gabbed so much. I wish you the very best, look for the wonders around us. I send you prayers and Blessings.........Susan
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