Difference between Fibro and CFS.

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    I am hoping to do a poll to see if everyone on this board aware of the difference between fibromyaglia and chronic fatigue syndrome. ??? People that can work with both cfs and fibro, probably have only fibromyagia, unless the cfs has gotten substantially better. I was reading on another website that some with fibro and cfs can work, yes, and they just force themselves to work even tho they dont want to because it is hard. OK, here we have the difference. Most people with CFS cannot push themselves. They cannot force themselves to. The body will not let them. Also, the pain is not at the 'trigger points' that those with Fibromyalgia have. Fibromyalgia pain causes fatigue also. So the 'chronic fatigue' is not 'chronic fatigue syndrome' which is another reason there is a name change, to stop the confusion. There is a post exhertional 'colapse' with CFS. Maybe with fibro too, but that is becuase over use of those painful 'trigger points' get to be too much for the body. The pain in CFS joint/and or muscle, but not he commom areas of the trigger points as seen in fibromysaglia.(and not all experience alot of pain, with 5-10% that do not) but not the trigger points as seen fibro(in which by the way, those trigger points have shown something weird on a scan, like little circles of missing muscle--Please check out cfs/fm 7th annual conference held in madison, wi in 2004, where all the papers presented are online, alone with that one.

    Chances are that those diagnosed with both cfs/fibro were diagnosed by a doctor that did not really know about CFS well. Im not saying it is not possible, but probable. Please do not get offended if you think i am coming against your diagnoses because you have cfs/fm. I am only trying to clarify for eveyone else. Plese add your input. I am also aware that there is 'sub groups' of CFS.

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