difference between MS and FM

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  1. trasestry

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    Hi, I know that MS and FM are very close symptom wise. Is there any difference between the two. How do they dx MS. I am suppose to be going for an EMG on my legs. I have been putting this off, cuz I HATE them. I had one after my car accident. Dont like the feeling of being "zapped" by electricity. But I know I have to go...
    Thanks.. Tracy
  2. steach

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    From my understanding, ms is diagnosed by an MRI of the brain. FM doesn't show on an MRI.

  3. jadibeler

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    Steach is right - MS shows up on an MRI. Multiple Sclerosis means that many plaques form and harden on the nerves of the brain, thus interrupting brain function. They can be seen. In my humble opinion, FM must be doing something else to those same nerves, something that can't be seen. So many of the symptoms are the same (and doctors don't recognize this), it just sounds like the only explanation. However, eventually the similarity diverges as MS cripples much worse in it's severe forms. I don't understand why you are being given that leg test (I had it too) and not an MRI.

  4. pjt

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    There is a simple home test I read about called the
    "Babinski" reflex test. It involves firmly stroking the
    sole of the foot with an object (pen or similar) If the
    toes curl downward, no MS is indicated. This is a normal
    reaction. Whereas if toes go outwards, this could mean an

    Don't know how accurate this is, but it has been correct in
    a couple of cases I have heard of.

    And it could save a lot of other expensive tests!
  5. trasestry

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    I often worry...especially since our recent vacation, when I couldnt stand being in a hot tub for any longer than a couple minutes, and when I got out...I hurt more than I did before. It seems fm and ms are ever so similar, I wonder, if people suffering from fm, actually have ms.
    Thank you for your input. It is much appriciated.
  6. tandy

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    for some odd reason she's referring me to a nuerologist.To rule out MS. I read this and wanted to respond.... I'm partly in shock,and "are they really that close symptom wise?" I"m about to research a little .....
    here we go again!!I sware these Drs are gonna drive me nuts!
  7. healing

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    I was tested for MS by spinal tap, which is, as far as I know, the only definitive test for MS. This was done by a neurologist in his office.

    Also, I have a friend with MS who does have pain. Like with FM, every set of symptoms is different and individual.
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The body turns on itself and destroys the myelin sheaths on the nerves which interrupts signals in the brain. With FMS and CFIDS, there is misfiring and overfiring of the neurons which can produce some of the same symptoms as MS. People with FMS and CFIDS can produce lesions on the brain which show up with MRI's. This is one of the reasons that getting a good diagnosis is difficult.

    Love, Mikie
  9. cmcm

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    I have been worring that I have been misdiagnosised with FM, and actually have MS. I have had a brain MRI, which was clear. But the Neuro said with my sx's he couldn't rule it out completely. So I could have a lp or wait. I chose to wait. But I wonder if I made the right decision. The more I read about FM and MS, I wonder if they are probably the same disease. I wonder if the FM is actually MS, the 10% that don't show lesions. Due to the fact that some go on to later be diagnosised with MS.
  10. lease79

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    totally convinced at one stage that my symptoms were that of MS & not cfs/fms, as they came on the way first MS symptoms are supposed to & seemed to relapse & remit.
    I was given a brain MRI & thankfully it came back clear. I'd been having symptoms for at least 8 years before I had the MRI, so I think that if it actually was MS, then it would have showed up on the scan.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Are better at pointing out FMS & CFIDS lesions. Regular MRI's will usually show MS lesions and Bek is right, a good neurologist can usually tell the difference. A lot of people with MS will eventually also develop FMS, so there may well be a connection. From what I have heard, most of those with Lupus or MS are diagnosed with those illnesses before being diagnosed with FMS. So, if you have the FMS tender points and pain, it is probably a good bet that it is FMS. That's not to say that people don't get FMS first, though. Nothing is certain with these illnesses.

    Love, Mikie