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    1: Exercise: this makes CFS patients much worse but can be positively therapeutic in pure depression.

    2: Muscle tenderness and pain is common in CFS, and unusual in depression.

    3: Response to alcohol and anti-depressants. These almost invariably make CFS patients worse, but depressed patients often get benefits.

    4: Sleep disturbance: in CFS, the biological clock is moved on so patients go to sleep late and wake up late in the morning. With depression, one expects to see early morning wakening.

    5: Adrenal function. In CFS, this is usually depressed, whereas in depression, there may be associated anxiety, with raised levels of cortisol- see adrenal stress profile.

    6: CFS patients often have poor immunity, with recurrent infections. This is not generally a feature of depression.

    7: If you can get the tests done, then there will be differences in neuro-psychometric testing, which demonstrate a different type of cognitive disturbance, memory lose and mental agility in both illnesses. Furthermore, SPECT and PET scans demonstrate diminished metabolism in the brain stem, medial and frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex in ME, whilst in depression, diminished metabolism is more widespread and the frontal lobes are chiefly affected.

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    Where did you find this info? I would like to show my doc, but I am sure he would like to see where the info comes from.

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    hey lenasvn and prickles!
    don't know if you have heard of her but a great pro cfs gp is dr. sarah myhill,if type her name in and then go to main website,think its www.drmyhill.co.uk click on fatigue on left column she then gives great list of advice on m.e., the best diet to follow, magnesium, etc but shes british, in wales i think, v good website though,
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    I am delighted! This is superb info. Wether my doc likes it or not, I am handing some stuff to him from this doctors site. I stopped going to him because he didn't help much, and I didn't want to cry and feel misjudged any more than nessesary. I prefer not to doctor hop, but will give him a shot (with reading materials like this stuff). I am also going to see a rheumy at the UW Physicians in Seattle on Sept 7. Hold your thumbs til they turn blue,,,LOL!

    This visit is all hope I got right now.
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    Very difficult area often confounding the boffins..Iam not sure I agree with this list although it does light a candle in the dark.
    I know depression does lower immunity for sure and the later sleeping is more a feature of young people with CFS.
    I am convinced the memory breakdown in Cfs is very specific and different from depression and am surprised more psychs haven't noticed..For instance have you ever tried to hold an image, or a word or a number in your short term memory while you try to match it with something...Its like the brain mneurons fire o'kay but can't sustain the energy to hang on..sort of like lack of stamina in the muscles.

    I had an upsetting conversation with a "new age healer "yesterday who was claiming all sorts of results with CFS. I believe she was talking about results she was getting with Depression..Such a stumbling block to the research efforts.
    These illinformed people make me cross and then she said I needed to deal with my childhood anger and i would get well..
    God protect me from new age healers..Hope I haven't been too irrelevant here but still trying to get over the encounter..I think the above post is a very good discussion to have.

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