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    Does anyone have the problem with certain foods causing them pain. We had brussel sprouts last night and I'm in more paain then I have ever been. I don't post much but I sure enjoy reading everyones postings.

    I have fibro and Have had it for 15 years.

    Also my Dad has been in the hospital for 39 days so far. He went in for pnemonia and then he went into cardiac arrest 3 days after he went in to the hospital he is doing great now but has to get a little stronger befor he can come home.

    Please keep my family in your prayers.

    Thank you and God Bless
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    Hi Diane,

    Foods can cause fibro-type pain in some people. Not always for the same reasons.

    Food allergies can cause a histamine reaction which for some involves pain, fatigue, and even swelling of gut & other body tissues.

    Many foods, incl. brussel sprouts, have natural chemicals that inhibit thyroid function. These foods are called goitrogens. Other examples are cabbage, broccoli, rutabaga, strawberry, peanut, soy. Not everyone reacts to every goitrogen.

    Individuals with high-normal thyroid function who consume an average-sized serving of a well-cooked goitrogenic food usually do not find it causes pain. Cooking deactivates those natural anti-thyroid chemicals to some extent. Not entirely, but somewhat.

    Many medications contain anti-thyroid chemical groups.

    Fluorine & chlorine based chemicals also inhibit thyroid function & can cause pain. Fluorine-based chemicals (fluorides & many pesticides) inhibit over 100 enzymes in the body, including muscle enzymes. Chlorine exposure can occur with unfiltered showers, unfiltered drinking water, cleaning products, and laundry products.

    Many PWF believe they have normal thyroid function on the basis of screening tests run by their doc. However a more complete thyroid test panel often reveals subtle thyroid abnormalities. When these are appropriately treated, sensitivity to goitrogenic foods normalizes, and pain as a whole, tends to decrease, often significantly. Energy, brain fog, and numerous other fibro-related symptoms can also be improved with treatment of low-functioning thyroid.

    The most useful thyroid tests for PWF are free T3, free T4, and a thyroid antibodies panel. Any test result below the normal reference range, or even in the bottom quarter of the reference range, is suspect and deserving of consideration to treat.

    If you find a healthy food that you suspect is causing you pain, it's a good idea to test it on another occasion before striking it off your diet.

    Stress can also lower pain threshold & it sounds like you've got plenty.

    Best wishes.
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