Different tactics for hospitals????

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    After reading hazygirl's post, it reminded me of a young girl who came in as an emergency patient during my six week marathon stay.

    She gave them as much information as they asked for but did not give them any information about a prior attack. By the end of four/five days and an exhaustive round of tests etc, they gave her their diagnosis.

    After they had gone, she explained to us that they had told her what she had suspected. But as a nurse, she knew that if she had told them her suspicions, or had told them about the last attack, they would have released her and sent her back to the original doctors and nothing else would have been done for her.

    Perhaps we are so desperate to be believed that we give the medics too much information, that leads them to think we just sit there and read up about things, and are therefore head cases. Perhaps their egos are so fragile that they can't bear it when patients know more than they do, and so they hide (like others who are afraid) behind attacks on our integrity. Lets face it the majority are men, and we know that we have to put ideas in their heads, so that they think they own the idea before it comes back to us as a blinding flash of inspiration.

    Think I might change my tactics. I don't think I can ever play the helpless female, but I think I can make them think they are God, if it means that I get helped.

    What do you think??


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    I should've gone to ER 3-4 days ago,and still need something more than what I'm doing for myself.i have been given pysc. Consult on a previous visit and over heard attending on other visit imply I was just there for feel good drugs.Even with the kindest words of encouragement I still Sit with no strenghth to go where I should be!If ,as you suggest,play "not so smart"/will I be treated better? Do I leave out DX and just present current symptoms?I'm not sure but I think my Liver hurts,the whatever in sinus cavity is way more painful than even 12 hrs ago.My plan Was to call my Dr abd have him call ER i choose,he is out of town until Tue.That comfort plan down plan,your idea sounds like it could get the medical attention i need and deserve.What do you feel is the best "DUMB"act(HOW MUCH SHOULD I DISCLOSE) to avoid the Humiliation i am so afraid of Confronting? Thankx, Ez