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    hey------im rx methadone 10mg--------last time i filled my script--------they gave me a new kind-------looks like a bar----------its not the round w/ the #s 54/142--------they bar shaped ones seem to relieve the pain faster----BUT not last as long--------and they really hurt my stomach!!!!!!-----------has anyone noticed this-------is ther another form icould ask my doctor for-----------or i wonder if my pharmacy could just order the old kind????------i hate to be so much trouble but--------i do not like the bar shaped!!!!!!------any thoughts out there?????? love to all--------laura
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    Different pharmacies get their generic drugs from different companies and this can be a problem! I take tramadol and I have noticed that one pharmacies pills work infinately better than our pharmacy at work's pills.

    They are the same drug, but different shapes and come from different companies. I actually forgot last time and filled my script at my work pharmacy, so now I am getting extra pain and am hitting the vicoden more frequently to cover it! Darn I could kick myself for forgetting to fill it at the other pharmacy! LOL But if I kicked myself, I would have even more pain! Sorry, just amusing myself!

    If I were you, I would try to find a pharmacy that carries the pills that you like better and stick with them.

    Take care, Sally