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    I unfortunately have no health insurance so I am forced to go to county facilities for treatment. My Doctor who is a psychiatrist, always insits on being right. She will drive a point into the floor even when she has no proof of it- for example she says that the reason I eat irregularily is because my father probably has health problems that he handed down to me such as high blood pressure and she hasnt even met my father even once - infact he is a bycycle rider, and a hiker and a very healthy eater. Anyhow my point is that she even insits that I do not have CFS nor do I have FM, and I have about 75% of the symptoms of both, and my symptoms are very debilitating. This doctor insists that I only have psychological illnesses. Does anyone know how I can prove that I have FM or CFS? I need to be treated, and I also need to be diagnosed so I can get SSI. Right now my SSI application is pending but I have the diagnoses on my application that this doctor has given me.
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    First of all bless your heart, it must be terrible to have to listen to that kind of stuff from someone who suppose to be helping you. I know that you don't have insurance but is that the only doctor that your seeing? If so I would see if you could switch to another doctor in the same facility, if there is another that you can switch to. There should be a medical doctor that works for the county as well. I am also trying to win my disability and its been over six months since I filed my first application and I am waiting to hear back from them. Hopfully you will get it and will have access to insureance then but unfortunately until then you are going to have to deal with the county. I would try and find out if there is another doctor you can see there. Best of luck to you

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    Just wrote a nice long answer and lost it when I got kicked off computer.

    I was saying that I, too, am in your boat and you are the only other person I have seen that is kind of in the same one I am. I have no health insurance and not enough $$ to "buy" help.

    I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago with FMS by my PCP, a D.O. but since then he really doesn't want to deal with me, in fact, seems to hate it when I go in for an appt. I finally got together enough money to see a naturopath recommended in my area and he said I have CFIDS in addition to the FMS. But since SSDI prefers MDs to alternative providers his opinion didn't carry enough weight and I got turned down the 2nd time a few weeks ago. I have been working on my SSDI claim for a year. The reconsideration only took a month. But I always follow up and ask about my claim so that helps move it along, I think.

    Anyway, I finally gave in and decided to contact an attorney. Made the appt and am glad I did. They were SO nice to me over the phone, even said that they sometimes send their clients like me (they have lots with little medical evidence) to the proper doctors and then collect the money when the award comes thru. I'm sure they would make sure you had a case before they did that but I felt such relief after contacting them that a load was lifted off me. I still feel sick but free in spirit - know what I mean?

    I have been whining on this board and trying to find advice from someone with my identical set of problems but most folks seem to have some kind of insurance and/or multiple difficulties with lots of medical backup. I have felt like an orphan until you came along - thanks.

    I hope you keep knocking and don't give up. The psychiatrists sometimes have the mistaken idea that we are "head" cases but they just don't know their medicine. There's a lot of medical problems and no one can know it all so that's why these message boards are such a help. You get tons of encouragement from those who have been there/done that and I am so grateful for finding this website.

    Don't stop now - contact an attorney. Look in phone book for those who specialize only in Soc Security Disability Claims - they usually know just what they're doing and where to direct you and how to help you in the process.

    Let me know what's happening, okay? No one cares more than I do and all the people on this board. We all cheer for each other.

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    Actually Pam this is my second attempt also, My first attempt I was denied durring the middle of last year. My denial statement was basically that my condition was expected to improve and was not expected to keep me from working for twelve continuous months in a row, except, what they did not seem to find important was the fact that I had already been out of work for almost twelve months when I applied. They also did not seem to understand that I have been having these symptoms since I was 15, and that this was not some temporary thing, you know. My second application was filed early this year, and I didn't want to do this, but I broke down and got an attorney. But after getting the attorney I do feel much much better about the outcome this time.