Diflucan and Candida; how long for results?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aprilzg, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. aprilzg

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    My doctor prescribed 100mg Diflucan daily for 1 month for candida (white tongue, possibly systemic due to long term antibiotic use).

    I have been taking it for 3 days now and have not really felt any difference so far. No die-off reaction; tongue still white.

    I would have expected some die-off but nothing of any concern. I was taking probiotics for a few weeks prior but have stopped to take the diflucan.

    Anyone out there who has already taken Diflucan know how long before you see any results?

    Thank you

  2. hannahfaid

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    for 6 weeks and it didn't help. BUT! the dr didn't tell me to adjust me diet either. If I knew then what I know now, the treament may have worked. I am working on finding a new dr, seeing another this week! I was still drinking cokes and taking the diflucan with no results.
  3. Slayadragon

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    Hi April,

    Generally people don't get a die-off from Diflucan. It is hard on the liver though.

    My experience with Diflucan is that it pretty much resolved my yeast problems within a couple of days. Of course, it all came back if I stopped the drug.

    If you're not getting a yeast decrease within a relatively short period of time, you may have Diflucan resistant yeast. This generally happens when you've taken Diflucan before, but not necessarily. (The last time I went to my gyn for a vaginal infection, he said he was inclined not to prescribe it simply because so many yeast infections were DIflucan resistant.)

    I was on Diflucan for something like seven months at one point for a sinus infection. It worked well, but I managed to make all the yeast in my body resistant. Looking back, I wish I had saved the Diflucan for "emergencies" (of which I've had a couple....read my bio if you want).

    If you're really inclined to yeast problems, and even if the yeast is Diflucan sensitive, it likely will come back pretty quickly once you stop it (even after a month or longer) if you don't change other things.

    My experience is that high-dose probiotics (my doctor compounds one that is 18-strand and has 60 billion units....equal to about 50 ordinary capsules) and eliminating sugar from the diet are essential. Some kind of yeast killer (oregano oil, pau d'auco, citrus seed extract, goldenseal, Nystatin) might be necessary, though the high-dose probiotics make that less necessary.

    (I'm a little perplexed why your doctor would have taken you off the probiotics to take Diflucan, by the way.)

    Eliminating white flour and fruit juice (at least for a while) can be helpful. "The Diet" sometimes recommended for yeast is quite restrictive and may not be practical for CFS sufferers (who tend to have long-term yeast problems).

    If you're really desperate from yeast die-off that's turned into constipation (which often happens), a colonic can help. I found that to be a lifesaver on one occasion.

    Addressing yeast without Diflucan is a pain. However, the results tend to be more permanent.

    If you have a lot of yeast (and especially if you're allergic to it), it can cause a big decline in health. It may be worth it to try to get rid of it even if doing so is hard, therefore.

    Best, Lisa
  4. mollystwin

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    I've used just about everything out there for yeast and found that that diflucan works best. The first time I went on diflucan the dr presribed 150 twice a day for 10 days. I thought I was going to die! I had been previously using threelac and had already changed my diet. I had a very strong die off with the diflucan, but the dose was very high.

    After the 10 days were over I felt much better. I kept up with the diet though and started taking grapefruit seed extract for the yeast.

    Then I swithed drs and the new one told me I still had some yeast, but not too bad, so I went back on diflucan, but at a lesser dose 200 once a day. I experienced no die off that time I assume because the dose was lower and my yeast load was not as high.

    Since then I found out I have lyme disease so I am on abx for that. Due to abx I am struggling to keep the yeast in check. I take only 100 diflucan per day because I've been on it for so long my dr doens't want to harm my liver. I take liv52 herbal to protect my liver. I also rotate oil of oreagano and caprylic acid. I take enzymes as well. And a rather large nystatin pill from the compounded pharmacy. I'm going to try virastop next per Lisa's suggestion.

    It takes a long time to get rid of yeast if you have a systemic problem. If it's not systemic and it's only in your mouth and gut, then it's not so bad. If you suspect it's systemic then staying on the no sugar, low carb diet will be necessary for at least 6 months or possibly years to get rid of it. And if your doctor will only give you a month of diflucan, then be sure to use some herbal antifungals when the diflucan is gone.

    I agree with Lisa that probiotics are a must. The very restrictive diet I believe is OK for a week or two, but not healthy for a very long period of time. I eat whole grains and fruit and can still control the yeast.

    In order to avoid resisitance to any one antifungal, I always rotate mine. I usually take at least one along with my diflucan. I have used GFSE, Oil of oregano, caprylic acid, threelac, garlic, uva ursi, olive leaf extract and some others. Everyone is different and what works best for someone may not work the same for others. There are many different strains of candida.

    Good luck!!
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  5. aprilzg

    aprilzg New Member

    (I'm a little perplexed why your doctor would have taken you off the probiotics to take Diflucan, by the way.)

    Thanks for the replies.

    I was taking Primal Defense prior to the Diflucan. He said not to combine them as they can cancel each other out.

    -- April
  6. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I take my probiotics on an empty stomach between meals and
    2-4 hours after ABX. It took me months to find one that is corn, wheat (gluten), soy, and dairy free. Renew Life has several different products with 50 billion strains in ONE capsule. I also take sacchromyces boulardii.

    I tried Threelac but couldn't figure out what all the hoopla was about. It didn't do anything for me. There's another probiotic called Therelac that I wanted to try but it's got one ingredient that I can't tolerate.

    My LLMD is one of the best Lyme doctors in the country. He gives you a 4" stack of instructions bound with a binder clip. He says to stay on both Nystatin and Diflucan the entire time you're on ABX. Nystatin kills yeast in the intestines and Diflucan kills it body wide.

    Sometimes we think it's yeast but blood testing shows something else is the cause of chronic fatigue. Treating yeast has helped my MCS considerably but I don't think it's the cause of my CF/FM.

    In spite of 9 months of Nystatin and one 30 day cycle of Diflucan plus a 60 day cycle I still have high IgM titers showing an active infection. I had my amalgams removed but have not been retested for candida. I lost 30 pounds on the dreadful diet. I've been on both Nystatin and Diflucan daily since April 2007. It has made no difference in how I feel.

    My next step is to get the Hemex hypercoagulation panel to see if this is an issue. The yeast could be hiding in the fibrin of my blood. 97% of people with Lyme my LLMD has tested for hypercoagulation have abnormal results compared to 5% of the normal population.

    My LLMD mentioned that yeast and Borrelia like to hang out in the same cell which is another reason why he prescribes Diflucan along with an ABX. I also take Liver Care (Liv.52) by Himalaya. Here is more info:

  7. wrthster

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    Diflucan usually works rather quickly and with no die off. I think Lisa gave you excellent information. I think stay on non dairy pro biotics and try to raise your immune system. That will help in a round about way. I think either Moducare or Beta Glucan 1/3 1/6 is also very good. Will help your body fight off. I believe and check with your doctor you can take this stuff while on the Diflucan.
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  9. RadioFM

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    If you are still consuming a high carbohydrate diet the candida symptoms may come back. You may need to ask your self why do I have chronic yeast issue in the first place?

    This can be vicious cycle if you don't limit carbohydrate intake.

    The Ketogenic diet has restored my gut function and I never have dysbiosis related symptoms.

    See more here: Nutritional Healing Strategies Beyond The Paleo Diet
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    Thank you for sharing! :mad:
  11. Alyssa-Admin

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    Lots of good info and advice here. I just wanted to add my two cents worth as well....For me, if I have to take antibiotics then the usual yeast infection in the lady garden arrives like clockwork. Diflucan has done nothing for me in this regards....however....a naturopath told me to fill gelcaps with Boric Acid and take them vaginally. (There is a lot of info out there in regards to the regime - it is not hard, or expensive...and for me, the only thing that has actually worked!). I think that many of us have a candida overgrowth though (the full enchilada). And yep, for most of us, our diet is actually FEEDING the yeast...which loves sugar - and fungus.

  12. elmay01

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    My doctor prescribed Nizerol for candida. It gets into your blood and kills it though out your whole body. Worked really well for me . Candida hasn,t returned after two separate courses, however it caused major allergic reaction 2 weeks later, with welts over a big percent of my body. Had a needle of cortisol but that didn't help. Had to have a course of tablets as well. The good news however is no more candida problems. That was about 20 years ago. Dr said my reaction was to sulfur as it is sulfur based. hope this info can help someone.
  13. ginat18

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    I'm new to the board and definitely have candida issues. My biggest issue is finding a doc who's willing to treat me. I've visited 2 primary care docs who have no idea what I'm talking about, and 2 GI docs who want to perform colonoscopies.
    What types of docs are you guys seeing that are working with you for treatments of Nystatin/Diflucan? Since those seem to be the main meds that work.
    I don't know if I should see a PCP, GYN, or Infectious Disease?
  14. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Hi ginat18,

    Welcome to the ProHealth forums! Glad you found us.

    Sometimes conventional doctors do not really address systemic candida. I find that Functional Medicine doctors, Integrative Medicine doctors or Naturopathic doctors do address this issue.

    There are even herbal products that address candida. My daughter herxed a lot when she took oil of oregano capsules for candida.

    I have taken diflucan which was prescribed by my Lyme literate MD and also by my present primary care doctor who is quite open-minded and practices a lot like a functional medicine doctor.

    It is also very helpful to eliminate sugar and sugar producing foods from one's diet. Organic virgin coconut oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

    Here is some information from some functional medicine doctors that may help you:





    Good luck to you. Hope you find the help that you need. Come back to the boards often if you can. There are a lot of nice people here.
  15. ginat18

    ginat18 Member

    Hi Nanie46,

    Thanks so much, this info does help a lot!!! Yea I agree that conventional doctors have a pretty linear approach to dealing with symptoms, and it's been hard to find one who's more open-and kinda frustrating.

    Thanks again!
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  16. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    You're welcome, ginat 18!


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