diflucan for Lyme

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Lucretius, Apr 16, 2007.

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    Does anyone understand the rationale for diflucan's being an effective treatment for Lyme? In Dr. Schardt's interview he suggests that the P450 system is weakened. Accordingly, he suggests that this means the Lyme spirochet is likely weakened enough to be wiped out by the immune system.

    In fact the P450 system is the system used to clear abnormal substances from the body such as antibiotics. Should this process be interfered with say by taking too many supplements that compete for these digestive liver enzymes,then the body becomes poisoned and liver parameters may go abnormal. For this reason Lyme patients must be careful not to take too many supplements that use the P450 system for their digestion by the P450 system. Accordingly, I am having difficulty understanding the rationale for the Dr. Schardt's discussion. Can anyone assist me in better understanding this phenemenon.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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