Digestive Advantage IBS Tablets

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    Has anyone tried these? Are they the same as pro-biotics? I've taken 1 tab/day of Primal Defense and have had diarrhea both times. Is this a herx? I don't think I've ever herxed before and not sure what to expect. Now I'm scared to try this on work days, cuz I don't want to be running to the bathroom!

    Thanks for any help!

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    have enough acidopholus in them. I have IBS D&C, & know the feeling. Stay away from gas causing foods. I take acidopholus/probiotic, that finally straightened me out. A simple yogart cup won't do it, needs to be a pretty high dose of it (acidopholus)..I take 2.4billion live cultures 3times daily.

    The flora in your intestines need something that will clear out all the bad stuff. And I've found taking that helps the most..Other supplements I take for it are; grapeseed extract, 50mg. daily, a multi-enzyme digestive tab 3 times daily, & L-Glutamine 500mg. daily to keep the Liver clean.

    I buy most of my supplements from Puritan, they seem to have the best prices, & no additives, ie; yeast, sugar, wheat, etc.

    Some people take "Beano" w/every bite they put into their mouths, but that gets expensive...I found the probiotic worked best for me.

    Hope you get find something that will work for you...
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    My mom bought me the digestive advantage pills for IBS, but I haven't taken them because I have found something that is working for me. (I have IBS-D) I take one Acidophilis pearl made by Enzymatic Therapy. It is a probiotoc. Try em for a few days!!!
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    My IBS was so bad that I never knew when I would go.Nothing more embarrassing as soiling your self in public.

    I started taking 2 every morning about 8 months ago.Took a few weeks than my IBS settled down.

    I no longer have symptoms of IBS but my doctor has told me to continue taking one a day .And thats what I'm doing.

    Every now and than Ill have IBSD but now only last a day.It may be something that I have eaten.

    They work for me and I'm so happy the do.Remember were all different what works for me may not work for someone else.

    I hope and pray they will help you.

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    I will try them again over the weekend, just in case I need to make a beeline to the bathroom!

    Have any of you tried Juice Plus? I met a RN the other day and she sells it. I looked online and it is a "whole food based nutrition, with scientific evidence published in peer-reviewed journals proving it is bioavaliable nurtition at the cellular level, increases antioxidant levels int he blood, strengthens the immune system, reduces DNA damage and decreases oxidative stress." There are just a few products. Just curious.

    Thanks again!