digestive enzyme recommendations?

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    I mentioned in another thread I have had trouble over the years tolerating any dig enzymes. They often help in one way but then they hurt in others. I found one I sort of like a couple years ago that I take a sliver of now and then but too much causes trouble in gasto system and makes me break out on face/mouth area. The one I use sometimes is called "orignal papaya enzyme chewable". I just found out on alcat test that papaya is one of the foods I should avoid so that eliminates even small amounts of that.
    I bought some bromelain recently and tried small amount with meat but I am starting to get a sore in my mouth, in upper roof of mouth right above front teeth, I remember now this happened before with dig enzymes, also at the other end of my system if you know what I mean, sorry to be blunt.....

    Does anyone have any idea why these side effects happen and what might be easier to tolerate? I used to use gastrex by standard process and it was pretty good for a while and then I just developed an acute bad gutache and had to stop, it seemed to dry me up, same thing happened with kombucha tea a couple years ago, I got hooked on it had like 2 a day and loved it increased energy, suddenly boom, couldnt tolerate it anymore, made gut hurt. It wasnt the refrigerated brand that seems to have alcohol but was liquid in small bottle came in pear and another flavor, I think its like the principle of apple cider vinegar the way it works. apple cider vinegar burns by the way last time i checkd couple years ago......
    so I dont know, feels like enzymes start eating ME if I use them regularly or in more than homeopath dose. whats up!
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    Maybe you should try enzymes that the body normally produces rather than these plant based ones like bromelain (from pineapples) and papain (from papaya). It sounds like you just can't tolerate them for whatever reason.

    Try digestive enzyme pills that just contain human enzymes like protease, amylase, lipase and pepsin. These are normally made in the body so you shouldn't have a problem tolerating them.
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    sounds like an idea, any recs of a good supplement that is limited to those? I also tested sensitive to beets and that often is used in dig enzymes, so I can't have stuff made out of papaya or beets......
    I just did a quick search on google for one and didnt find any, can go by our coop and whole foods etc too later in town.
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    I highly recommend Similase, by Tyler. You can find it online through a number of retailers.

    It's not the cheapest by any means, but I stopped using it for a while and really noticed a difference. I also tried other enzymes and found I didn't tolerate those as well.

    Similase has the ingredients BarrowInnovations mentioned, and was originally recommended to me by Dr. Cheney.

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    thanks, that similase sounds good.
    do you think it makes much dif where I buy it, will it be same quality product no matter where? I dont usually get my stuff online, new territory
    how long ago did cheney recommend this? not that it matters just curious.
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    I've had good luck with their digestive enzymes.

    There a little more expensive than most, but they've been in the enzyme business for a while and are well respected. At least at my HFSs.

    And they're easy to find. Most HFSs carry them. Or you can buy them online.

    I've been taking Candidase for less than a week and already my fruit / sugar cravings are gone. Instead I'm craving veggies. I've been killing yeast for a few years though so I'm sure that helped ...

    Candidase has large quantities of protease and cellulase.

    Check out the Candidase thread I just started.


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    Oh, Similase can be bought at health food stores as well.

    And the quality is the same no matter where you buy it. Just look for Similase, manufacturer Tyler.

    I last saw Cheney about ten years ago (can't afford him or the physical payback of the trip anymore).

    He recommended I take it for as long as I was sick.

    I know how you feel about buying online. I prefer to avoid it as well, but it's hard for me to get out.

    You might want to google Similase just so you can find out more about it.

    Good luck!

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    I have tried vegetarian Jarrow, Houston Nutraceuticals and All-Zyme Double Strength. All Zyme contains beet root fiber and Jarrow contains fungus neither of which agreed with me (I think) Now I'm getting weird mouth bubbles using Houston (I think). This doesn't happen right after eating so I'm not 100% sure that's what's causing bubbles.

    Looks like Sililase by Tyler contains Malt Diastase which is derived from Barley. Has anyone taken this without a problem when they don't feel well eating barley?
  9. xchocoholic

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    I couldn't take GlutenEase (DPP-IV - made from fungus) at first without getting allergy symptoms, but it doesn't appear to bother me anymore. Not that I've gone hog wild and am taking it everyday.

    Barley had gluten. So if you have a problem with barley, be sure it's not a problem with gluten.
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    i can't have gluten so maybe that means similase off the table....
  11. mezombie

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    I just did a Google search of Similase gluten.

    Similase does not contain any gluten.

    There is also another product, Similase GFCS, which has additional enzymes which work specifically to digest any gluten you may inadvertently be ingesting.
  12. PVLady

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    There is a test to see which enzymes you a deficient in. It is called

    "Loomis Urinalysis"

    21st Cenury Nutrition
    6421 Enterprise Lane
    Madison, WI 53710


    At the website you enter your zip code and they show a practitioner in your area, but you can send your 24 hour urine specimen to them directly.

    In addition to testing for enzyme deficiencies, the Loomis urinalysis isolates digestive disorders and nutrient deficiencies.

    There are 22 different digestive enzymes so which would be the one you need?

    The subject of digestive enzymes is very interesting. Most people with CFS have high levels of Epstein Barr Virus.

    Some enzymes can digest the protective coat of the EBV so the virus can be destroyed.

    There is also something called CIC's which is "circulating immune complexes". When you have "leaky gut syndrome" these accumulate in your blood. Enzymes are helpful in removing the CIC's.

    In healthy people who have normal enzymes the CIC's are neutralized. In people with compromised immune systems they accumulate and cause allergic reactions, toxicity, etc.

    Many of us, including myself, with fibro and CFS cannot tolerate supplements. I have read if you are nauseated within 1 hour of taking nutritional supplements you need a bowel cleanse. I have not done that either....
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    great info everyone
  14. Bluebottle

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    I like Enzymedica's Virastop.