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  1. taniar

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    a few years ago I had a comprehensive stool analysis done.

    Showed a number of things, undigested protein, candida,

    So I think I might have a malabsorption issue. Am trying
    to do candida diet now. I have tried a number of multi-enzymes, I don't think they are working. Also major constipation. Does anyone know of a multienzyme they think works.

    Thanks. Tania
  2. RockiAZ

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    I used to take one sold through my Naturopath, but way too expensive. I use Super Digestaway from Solaray and works well for me. Check out the ingredients on line to see if that is what you're looking for.

    Hope this helps.

    Live, Laugh, Love,
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    Would show if you have malabsorbtion as the viili that line it stop working.

    I think you may have had yeast overgrowth.

    Try the probiotics first, drink plenty of water, about 6 glasses a day, and then try the enzymes as you may need to get the flora in tow first, then address ythe enzymes. Papaya enzyme is meant to be very good.

    Love Anne C
  4. mbofov

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    You may need hydrochloric acid as well as digestive enzymes. I did - the enzymes alone didn't work for me.

    I buy Digestabs from Puritan's Pride on-line. The price is good and they work very well for me. It's made a big difference in my digestion. The ingredients for Digestabs are pancreatin, amylase, pepsin, papain, ox bile, betaine hydrochloride (hydrochloric acid) and duodenal substance. The Puritan's Pride website doesn't list all the ingredients but I got these from the bottle.

    The Digestabs are not right for everyone, so you could order a small bottle, it's cheap, and see if it works for you. I take 2 with each meal.

    Also, these have helped my gallbladder. It used to get inflamed regularly before I started the Digestabs and now it is much, much better.

    I hope this helps --

  5. taniar

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    these suggestions sound good Tania