Digestive enzymes and probiotics the same?

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  1. I am wondering if digestive enzymes and probiotics are the same thing? I take probiotics, but see many here recommend digestive enzymes and wonder ????
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    Digestive enzymes help to break down (digest) food more easily....probiotics are the "good" bacteria that help keep the bad bacteria in check...a food source of some probiotics would be yogurt, a food source that some digestive enzymes are taken from is a fruit (forgot which one, might be pineapple)
  3. thanks for the info , if anyone takes digestive enzymes which do u take? And do u think they really help?
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    Hi, Iam hop!

    I use both and more. Here on Pro Health you can check out many items in the store and see what works best for you. Also read about them online in search engines.

    The digestive enzymes as someone said for for the Pancreas.... to make what you eat digest comfortably. That is a separte item than the pribiotics. The primary ones are amylase, protease and lipase. These come in some of our fruits and veggies but we can't always digest them well. I have Interstitial Cystitis and can't handle citrus fruit at all. So the enzymes are best for me.

    The probiotics are for the good bacteria we are supposed to have in our stomach and intestines. We get filled with candida and other nasties that need to be put under control. Some of us have extensive antibiotic use and that kills all of them..... the good ones too and we must have them. Probiotics like acidolphilus puts that back into you.... I pop them like pop corn... I also use a product I like called Kefir, I put the probiotic in it, its a food stuff.... just mix the capsules into the product and drink it three times a day.... maybe 1/2 cup each time.
    This keeps the good guys working and you immediately feel better.

    Check all this our here on the online store. All are very good for the illnesses we all have.

    good luck, hopabout

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