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  1. greeneyeslk

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    I want to add digestive enzymes to my supplement list. Do any of you have any favorites or suggestions on what brands work best. I purchase my supplements at Super Supplements which is a chain discount store that carry most of the name brands. Thanks.
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    Ones with pancreatin, among other things, seem to work really well for me but I read somewhere that after 2 months or so of taking pancreatin, it can cause your pancreas to become "lazy" and not produce pancreatin in substantial quantities, but who knows for how long. So I have about 3 different ones and I rotate them around. I've tried a couple that just didn't do it for me, too. So try a few and see which ones work the best.

    Immunepro sells a really good one called Vital Enzymes. That's a good mix they have. They really have some good stuff in their store, here. I'm ordering a few things right now.

    good luck

  3. AllWXRider

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    What kind depends on what you're not digesting properly.

    Lipase dissolves lipids (fats & oils)
    Protease dissolves protiens

    Bile breaks up the fat into very small droplets.

    Amalyase is in the saliva and breaks up carbs.

    Chewing is a very important beginning to proper digestion. Eat slowly and drink very little liquids as they dilute your enzymes.

    Caffiene pumps up the adrenals and will shut down digestion.

    In between meals, eat more melons, papaya, pineapple, kiwi and "eat melons alone or leave them alone or your tummy will groan".

    I use Walmart "Rexall" Enzymes. 200 tabs/$7. Not bad. Ox bile smells bad but it works.

    Enzymes taken on an empty stomach are considered systemic, and dissolve scar tissue, reduce inflammation and dissolve the isoprin coating on certain viruses. Research the work by William Wong N.D. and Systemic Enzymes.
  4. charlenef

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    i buy them from vitacost online they are called super enzymes
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  5. greeneyeslk

    greeneyeslk New Member

    Thank you to everyone. I will check out the information and names that you gave me.

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