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    I have been told and/or read to take digestive enzymes on an empty stomoch so the enzymes can pass into the bloodstream and carry out work against enemies in the blood. Can anyone point me to any medical literature or good authority indicating this is an appropriate practice (that these enzymes do in fact go into the bloodstream and work there).
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    I can't post any URL's here, but I do remember where I read about this. It was in a magazine called Longevity, put out by an outfit in Canada that sells supplements. They quoted from 4 German Commission E Studies all done on Pancreatin enzymes. German Commission E has an excellent reputation, unlike the company that puts out the magazine. All 4 studies showed that it can reduce Rheumatic inflammation, esp. when taken between meals. I have found it to help even when I just take it with meals. Bromelain is another enzyme that is reputed to help inflammation, but I don't know of any specific studies. Your best bet would be a websearch of something like "enzymes + inflammation" or "German Commission E + enzymes" as a starting point, and I bet you find loads of stuff.
    Happy hunting,
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    I take digestive enzymes (lipram---aka Creon). I have to take them or I cannot function. I have pancreas divisum with improper duct drainage. I take as many as 12 a day, depending on what I eat---if I take less than 9 a day, they are not effective on my pain. I can tell you this, since taking the enzymes, I NEVER get reflux---guess that's one nice bonus. That's really all I can say, since I have a medical condition that requires me to take them as treatment---it is just like having chronic pancreatitis, which they still suspect I have. about 7-10% of the general population has pancreas divisum, but it is not supposed to cause pain or vomiting.
    Looking back at this post, I don't know if I helped you at all! lol
    I'm supposed to take my enzymes with food 3 x's a day, often I cant eat three times a day, so I take them with and without food. Really no difference.

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    I use Vital Enzymes, which are digestive enzymes available from the store at this site. I decided on them after doing quite a bit of research and asking questions here. The recommended dosage is three a day with meals. They have made a difference for me because I no longer have the severe IBS-C I had before taking them. That in itself makes them worth their weight in gold!

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    Hi Seans,
    Protease is the enzyme that you take on an empty stomach!! If you type in "Protease Plus" enzyme in your search engine, you will get info about that. I take it every night when I wake up. You can't take it with food because it will start breaking down your food and won't get to your blood stream. I also take enzymes with my food. But I think "Psyllium" is very important also, because most people do not empty properly.That is how we get toxins in our blood in the first place.(from the rotting of the food in the colon).
    Everything you eat should pass though in less than 24 hrs.If it don't then the toxins pass in to the blood stream.Then we develope auto-immune diseases. Also we get parasites in our intestines. Hope this helps. Shirley
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    You need to take the probiotics on an empty stomach and the digestive enzymes with food.

    Love, Mikie
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    Seans, I read the same thing on a web-site: some digestive enzymes to be taken with meals, and then after a while another kind taken between meals, which was meant among other things to go into the blood stream and 'detoxify'. This was a CFIDS web-site I believe, something you'd find when typing into google 'cfsdoc.org'. Like you, I'd much like to know more about the evidence behind this theory.
    Hence the bumping.
    So - does anyone here know more about this?
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    with meals, as well as in-between meals. One that I would NOT take with meals is something like Wobenzym, which is sold here (the label says to take on an empty stomach). It is an exceptional enzyme, but too potent to be taken WITH meals.

    As far as Betaine goes, I have played around with it and can't really comment one way or the other, but I do prefer to take it in a separate pill.

    Dr. Gonzales (in New York) is one of the leaders in enzyme therapy, particulary as it relates to cancer. If you do a search like "Dr. Gonzales Enzyme Therapy," you should find lots of informatin.

    Hope this helps,
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