Digestive enzymes?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carlacat, Apr 2, 2003.

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    I got the ones from here but is it okay and will it do the same good for me if I just take them or should I be taking something with it? I took garlic for one day and I burped it up all day..it was gross. The fact that I've read that it thins your blood makes me think that I should not take it cause I have POTS. Theres just so many things as far as vitamins that it is overwhelming. I do take the One a Day Weight Smart vitamins and coral calcium. Any thoughts on this?
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    Thinning the blood is very different from low blood volume, which is the factor in POTS. Do not worry about the garlic in connection with POTS.
    Hard vitamins like OneADay are usually not absorbed well. Put one in a glass of vinegar and see if it has disolved after 30 mins. If not, you are wasting your cash. Try a brand that comes in gel capsules or even better, a powder that you mix. You can just take the enzymes with your meals, and/or try them in between for anti-inflammatory effect.
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    on the one a day vitamin and also another vitamin I had and they both failed. They fully did not disolve in the vinegar after 30 min. I started taking the garlic oil pills again and now I'm burping up garlic..YEAK!!!!! I suspose I'm gonna have to go to powder for the vitamins.

    Thanks for the info...