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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PVLady, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I wanted to ask your opinions here. For a couple of years I've had alot of digestive problems. I thought it was caused by gallstones and had my gallbladder removed 2 wks ago.

    For almost two weeks my appetite was good and no constipation. I thought I was on the road to recovery.

    Now this week, I had another similar attack of the very same symptoms. I've been sick for 3 days.

    Sudden loss of appetite
    Sudden severe constipation
    Gut just feels frozen.

    Could this be IBS with constipation? Gluten intolerance? Allergic reaction?

    When I say lack of appetite, I mean it. Could not eat breakfast. I can only eat small amounts of food at a time and not much all day. Only 1/2 of a Lean Cuisine.

    Tonight I finally took Miralax (in water) and a Donnatal. I do feel somewhat better and was able to eat a small dinner.

    Somehow I suspect one cause could have been after eating Kashi cereal (whole oat flour etc) -

    Before gallbladder surgery I had CT scan w/contrast of abdomen and pelvic area - both normal, so I know I don't have tumors etc.

    Thanks for any thoughts...

  2. cinnveet

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    I have had the same problem but as soon as I eat I run to the bathroom. I have tried immondime and nothing helps.

    I know it can be painful too. My stomach contracts like I am going to throw up, but it comes out the other end.

    I also have no appitite either. I went from 188 down to 146 in 3 mons.

    Have you tried stool softner. That should keep you regular.

    Please keep in touch on how you are feeling so I know your ok.

    God Bless,
  3. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I probably lost 6 lbs this week. I only have constipation so no running to the bathroom.

    I will continue to use the Miralax, I believe it helped. Also, Donnatal before meals.. also will see doctor this week to discuss..

    If anyone has IBS with constipation I would like to know how you treat it.
  4. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I didn 't know that I was having a gall bladder attacks as I was just gettting this feeling of intense pressure in and under my bra area. I felt like my bra was too tight and I did n't want to wear one .

    I was so tired and just achey all over. Then one fateful day I ate a bowl of low fat cottage cheese and peaches and had my first pain filled gall bladder attack.

    Of course this was just about 8 days before my daughter was getting married. So no wedding cake for me, or no BBQ at the dinner, and I could not drink the lemonaide as it made me nauesous{SP} and I ate a roll for my dinner minus the butter.I had my gall bladder out a week after the wedding.

    AFter my surgery I could not have my diet coke and I was drinking about a 6 pack a day and I really missed it. I didn't have the withdrawls but I missed the taste of the drink.

    About 3 months after my surgery I had a diet coke , I was so disappointed as it tasted nasty nothing like it did before , so I don't drink it any more. Well that is not true as I will have one just once in a while and then not all of the drink.

    I was eating some fettuchine alfreado that my SIL had made. It had too much garlic for me as he had chopped the garlic and there were bits and peices of it with the noodles and then garlic salt, with in minutes I had the worst pain , just like a gall bladder attack.

    I had heart burn that what ever I took for it did not work. I was sick to my tummy, and dizzy , I didn't want to eat for 2 days after eating this food.

    I also have found out that when I eat spicy foods, greasy foods, some with strong flavors like garlic ,onion's, and some time tomatoes.
    They all cause me to feel overly full and naesous all day long,. I asked my doctor what was going on and I was told that I was having a phesudo gallbladder attack. So I try to stay away from foods that bother me.

    IF I have eaten some thing and I get that feeling of pressure in my bra area I know that I should not eat it any more. And it really bites as there are many foods I would like to be eating.
    As for the constapation I have had that all of my life and it is just worse from the narcotic pain meds I am on for the chronic pain I have.

    So I take magnesium and stool softeners to help with that along with eating a five seed bread that all together helps to get things working better than usual.. I know that my next step is going to ask for miralax to see if it will help me to get my body to work better so that I don't feel so bloated and ucky.
    I do go through times where I just am not hungry and don't want to eat. But it passes far too soon and I will eat too much causeing my self pain..... so I have to make sure that I do eat small meals that don't upset me.

    I don't know if that is helpful or not.
  5. for years I was told I had IBS. BUT finally it got so bad, and I have gastroparesis. It is horrible. You can't eat much and even when I don't I feel so unbeliebably bloated and miserable. Good luck. Hopefully its a temporary thing with you.
  6. cobie

    cobie New Member

    Hi, You didnt say if your cfs... I assume you are. If so looking after your gut is a huge issue in cfs. Do some research on leaky Gut Syndrome[ Dr Leo Galland].. and look at how much work must go into improving gut function. Simply put... Cut all possible allergic foods in diet ie Gluten, dairy , sugar Wheat. Each person has their own paticular allergy to foods , so its important to work with your own body to improve its function.Take probiotics.Use fibre to help bowels move. Eat lots of veges, low fat small meals. Drink lots of water Some people with cfs suffer from 'Gut Paresis' ...you could doa search on this.. Hope this helps

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