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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Sacajawea2, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Anyone out there have a great camera, easy to use, and not too expensive (like under $150)...?

    What did you look for and what are the better brands (or ones to avoid?)...Any help would be appreciated!

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    Thanks Kina...
    I know Canon is a good brand-- nice to know you got one for a good price. I have a Fuji, not sure which one it is-- an A850 I think...I've had it since December and haven't printed any photos and have used it very little. I like the quality but it's harder for me to use for some reason. I have trouble editing photos. And I have accidentally erased a few. But I love the video quality and it was a great price. So since I'm not used to it myself I hestitated to recommend it to someone else. I need to tinker with it more but over all I'm not that impressed.

    My other one, an off brand called Concord (British) worked great but got had tons of features and an easy way to take great photos. I've been digital since 05 and love it. I think my brain is still imprinted on how that one worked, making it harder for me to get used to another style. You should see me STILL with the duct tape trying to get some last uses out of it but the battery/card door is broken and the shutter malfunctions (it got dropped from a high place). If I can keep the batteries in place and the shutter open, it still takes amazing photos...

    I'm actually trying to help a friend do research for a reasonable but good quality camera-- Jean, I saw your response but didn't get to copy/past the links...I left for the weekend and this morning when I signed on ran out of steam before I got to this post. Thank you for putting it up and if you still have them, I'd love to look up the websites.

    If anyone else has suggestions, please let me know! I can't imagine going back to life before digital but I do get lazy about printing photos.

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    Thanks, Jean...I did get to check this out and passed it to my friend who learned a lot. I do have the Fuji finepix but a different model. I messed around with it more this weekend and it seems a bit friendlier now that the other one is not working at all. There are some really nice models out there...that Nikon really appealed to me!


    photographer Richard Lautens where he compares three digital cameras at the $150 price point.

    The cameras tested are the Nikon Coolpix L19, the Canon Powershot A480 and the Fuji Finepix J20.

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