Digital Mucous Cyst

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    Well after my Dr. dx me with this last Friday, I went and did some reseach on the internet, and Pooh! is all I can say.

    Looks like I will have to have them removed by "Simple"surgery, except for me There is no Simple Surgery.

    I have to call my Orthopedic Dr Monday anyway, I took a Nasty fall Sat. and since it once again appears that I have a Hematoma (?) Deep Large Bruise with Swelling, I have to let them know.
    I do fall a lot because of the SCM Trigger points of the CMP, but this time an unseen cord got me.

    So I thought while I had them on the Phone I would check to see if he will be the type of Dr. to remove the Cyst's.
    Hope so, I don't do well, and HE's so good, that I Trust Him to at least not Mangle me.

    I thought it was from Arthritis, and it is, Osteoarthritis.
    If you want to see what one looks like, use your search engine, Google is best, and type in Digital Mucous Cyst, or try cystomata, myxomatous cutaneous cysts, and also periungaul ganglions.

    Gee maybe I could get a job Modeling for the Medical Photographer's, my hand looks just like the one in the Photo, except that it's on the Pinkie, and on both hands, the reason they Hurt so much is because of the FMS. Oh Joy.

    Have a Great Monday, I'm not leaving th house, I learned my lesson last Monday.
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    Bumping up so others can reply.

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    for the Bump, ;o)

    Dosen't look like anyone here has had them.
    I think maybe I should post this over on the Arthritis board, maybe there's someone over there who's had this.
    It's more related to the OA, but the FMS makes it Hurt worse.