Dilaudid?Morphine?Opana? Narcotics Help Please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by diannalisa, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. diannalisa

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    Hi, I've had FMS/CF/ME since 2004 officially but probably had it since 1997 when I first started having unexplainable pain that didn't show up on xrays. My specialist who I am very lucky to have (DR Laura Black with the Hunter Hopkins Center in NC an associate of Dr Charles Lapp) has prescribed me Methadone for the past several years and it worked beautifully only last fall it started having nasty side effects of nausea and severe vomiting whenever I ate.

    Now I am in the midst of searching for something to replace my pain management. Dr Black currently has me on Gabapentin 600mg and Soma 350mg 2x daily along with a Butrans pain patch 10mg. The patch is not cutting it at all! I am having alot of breakthrough pain, Thank God I still have some Methadone left to take for rescue pain. Most days my pain level is L6-8 by mid afternoon to evening. Yes I am nauseous and sick after I eat my evening meal if I take the Methadone but it's the price I pay for pain relief. I am going to talk to Dr Black next week about other options for pain control.

    What are your thoughts, experiences with Dilaudid, Morphine and Opana? Due to gastric bypass surgery I don't absorb the same as regular people so cannot take extended release pills and my surgeon prefers I take capsules, liquids or injectable forms of medicines where possible. Do the above medicines come in these forms? I also am hypothyroid and worry about the effects of narcotics combining with my thyroid medicine Amrour. Any thoughts, discussions there would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks for all your help! :)
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    I only have a litte experience with dilaudid I can share.
    First, it does come in a pill.
    I have been given shots of it when I have gone to the hospital. WOW you are in another world for a little while (well I was): I don't know what the dosage was, and I am sure a doctor could regulate it better. It did help.
    Currently I am on percocet: Have you tried that or vicodin yet? I was on vicodin for a long time, but I was not getting the same relief anymore so we just switched my meds three months ago and I am doing ok again.
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    I have taken Opana (which a timed release 12 hour med) for a few years now. I find it an effective pain medication that does not give me side effects. Thank goodness, my insurance pays for it. That is probably because I have tried many different opiates and opioids and Opana has been very helpful for me. My physiatrist prescribes Dilaudid 4 mg. every 6 hours as needed. It is a strong pain reliever and can cause sleepiness.

    I have taken Morphine before and really dislike the constipating action of it.

    I hope that you find something that will work well for you. Take care.
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    I take Dilaudid for pain. I also have a connective tissue disease and the fibro amplifies the pain. I also have meds for nausea. One that takes a while to work, and one that works right away. Ask for them. I'm never sure if it's the meds or the pain that makes me so nauseated. I used to take Gabapentin (Lyrica), but had to stop due to side effects. Now I'm taking a very low dose of Cymbalta and that is helping my pain levels. I also am hypothroid and have PBC, so things are absorbed differently. I try not to take any meds for 4 hours after taking my thyroid meds. Seems to work okay. Also I have a hiatal hernia, yet another reason for the nausea - Gerd. Think about taking pepcid or something like that and see if the nausea is better. Good luck to you!

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