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  1. daytrippersoul

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    Curious? What type of doctor would prescribe dilaudud? I saw someone metion it in another post. - I know when I had gone into the ER with my FM and Migraines they IV me with Dilaudid and it works and last for an extended period of time. - It breaks my Flare up and Migraine cycle!


    Daytripper. :)
  2. bikrgrl

    bikrgrl New Member

    I take Dilaudid daily for pain. If i didn't have it, i would be bedridden.
    Because of it, i am able to work full time.
    It has it's downfalls but helps me greatly.
    My MD prescribed it. I have been on it almost 2 years.
  3. daytrippersoul

    daytrippersoul New Member

    Thanks bikrgrl! For the reply and for the info. I have one more question: How many milligrams of the Dilaudid do you need to take? When I have gone into the hospital they gave me IV and about 2mg's of the Diluadid. Maybe it's different in the prescription form?

    Lemme know?


    Daytripper :)
  4. justlooking

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    Most likely a Pain Management Dr would prescribe this. My Pain Dr says it is becoming more commonly RXed by Pain Drs for chronic pain since it doesn't contain Tylenol and the lower dosages are equivalent in pain control to Vicodin ES.
    Personally I think Dilaudid controls pain better. For me Vicodin only makes me not care I'm in pain where Dilaudid actually targets the pain.

    But there is a stigma with Dilaudid. As there is with Oxycontin, Morphine and Methadone.

    However as a side note, I take Fiorinal with Codeine for my migraines and it works better than any other medication for me. It almost always breaks up my headache in a short time, and helps with the muscle pain of FM too.
    HOpe you find some relief.
  5. poets

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    The only time I was ever on Dilaudid, was when I was in the hospital with a broken back. Where I'm from, you can't get Tylenol#3 without a fight. Dilaudid worked better for me than anything I'd ever been on. How I wish I had access to it now. I have Neurontin, but like Lyrica, all it really does is make me gain weight. Even the pain clinics around here take pride in the fact that "We don't give narcotics!" So I don't know where to go. Guess I'd have to move. If I had decent relief from the pain, life might be worth living........

  6. daytrippersoul

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    I don't think you have to move...bit extreme there! :) I know you are J/K though. I was asking about pain meds and been told to seek out a "pain medicine" doctor. I also took Lyrica and it made me VERY tired! So tired that about 45mins. after taking a 50mg. capsule I would start nodding sitting up and then have to go lay down where then I'd just CRASH for about 2-3 hours and felt terrible afterwards and it only dulled my pain. I have this DD from head to toe. Also IBS,CFS,anxiety with occasional panic attacks and my back is extremely week. This time I kicked it in becuz I was feeling better and I picked up my 7 month old daughter (who weighs approx. 18-19lbs.)and was spinning her around up in the air making her laugh..basically just playing w/her is all and later that night..BAM!! my back kicked in..or out I should say! I have NOTHING to take for it except Advil. It sucks. I wish someone would stand on my back and push that spot back in!
    I don't have the correct insurance for a chiropractor unless I want to pay $75 for a one weeks visit..and that not including x-rays! UG! WTF!!

    TC & HUGZ,
    daytripper :)

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