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    Hi, I hate to be a pest but I could use some advise.I just received a confirmation test result for band 31. This determines if it my ind is from Lyme. t
    The result was negative. So I guess that would also eliminate the ind on band 39. These were both on IGG. Anyhow, I still feel it could be Lyme. What else could it be? I have very high EBV titers but Lyme can activate these. Also my CD-57 is now 21. What else causes a low CD-57? Thanks, Jess
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    As Femmdange mentioned, I got the 30/31 kDa confirmation, but mine was positive. I'm pretty sure the test is only determining whether those specific bands are due to B. burgdorferi, so any other postive bands you have could be lyme.

    I agree with Femmdange that you should call Igenex about your test results. Nick Harris is the doctor there, and he called me back pretty quickly about my results. You could get his opinion on whether you should see an LLMD.

    I wish I could be more helpful, but I'm really new at this lyme stuff. I don't even understand my own Western Blots!

    I can understand your frustration about which direction you should take in your treatment. You are smart though to make sure you cover everything before deciding what to do.

    Call Igenex tomorrow, and let us know what Dr. Harris says.