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    I was poking around on some older pages in here and I came across your post about children. First of all I want to say, you are very much in your rightto say you have three children and not just two. I am sorry that your first one is not with you. One lady at our church lost her youngest in a car accident and she told her other two girls (the one was a boy), that they have a brother in heaven and that he is their angel. She wears birth stone pin somtimes with three stones in it. Nice.
    But.......................I wanted to answer your question in my opinion of whether or not to tell your kids the scoop on the Fibromyalgia and whatever else you may carry be dealing with.
    With me, I thought, why not? Mine were 10 and 7, boys when I did talk to them about it. Too many things were happening in their own lives, that were affected by my illness. I felt they deserved to know and then in fact could help me, making themselves feel special and needed. (By me).
    I sat them down one day and told them, (some of it they knew already), but I emphasized that even if I can't play with you sometimes, or go to see something at school, that doesn't mean I don't care about you. It's just this problem I have. I don't like it either and I wish it would go away. etc. etc.
    Now they totally understand, they rub my back sometimes, they bring me pillow, blanket, water when I am down and out. I think it made our relationship stronger and definetly more trustworthy because they know the truth. Now they are 9 and 12 and are the best educated of this and other medical terms. I can still play a game with them and they make sure the game is set up well enough for me, my back and everything. I love them so much. My husband is supportive and also talks to them about what I'm going through, when it needs to be addressed. We don't dwell on it, but it's definetly out in the open. It helps.
    I hope you didn't mind my singling you out on the post, but if I had posted underneath yours, I didn't know if you ever looked back on older postings.
    I think you are sounding like you handle things well. Good luck. I hope to hear from you.
    Ranger (a Mom)