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    i m a 42 year old male with fibro.After 2 knee surgeries i never recovered.I was diagnosed with fibro.I also have athritis in both of my knees and received cortisone shot.Also i have herpetic keratitis in my right eye which flares up under stress .I ve applied for permanent disability and no answer yet after 2 years.I was fired from my last job after recovering from my knee surgery .I had been there 18 years with a stellar record.What was your age when you first were awarded disability for fibro?
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    You have not gotten a reply? Do you mean you have appealed or you never heard back from them. Once you apply they give you a yes or no decision, if no you have to appeal.

    Poeple of all ages can get disability. Some I know of in their 20's, it depends on how bad one is, and whether they apprive you or not.

    If you got NO reply you should call and ask why.
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    hi vito1234

    I am 43, wasnt awared yet, but had my hearing date last week.

    also was waiting for 2 years.

    att. said it looked good but judge said I would know something within 60 days.

    keep you up dated.

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    yes i have a lawyer .However lawyer tell me if i was over 50 it would be easier
  5. vito1234

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    i applied and receive d denial after 6 months.now waiting for reconsideration
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    How does age play into the disability process?

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    And after three years of battling with SSDI appeals, I was awarded favorable in Jan '08.

    My rep. told me that age is a definate factor for consideration in SSDI. Why?> I don't know, as mentioned above it can happen to anyone at any time. I think it comes with the cliche' of being young and resiliant and able to bounce back.

    Anyway, don't give up! Even if you have those stints of a little bit of relief, it can always come back and bite you.
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    I ended up being my own attorney because mine was busy across town . I got it because of a back injury and depression . I now have in addition to the last 2 , RA , COPD , FIBRO , arthritis in both knees with a possible tear but insurance denied me a MRI . I think I actually have Lupus but no definite diagnosis as of yet . There is no age limit on disability . My son has connective tissue disease and was denied and had no energy to fight it but eventually will have to because he is not well . He is 19 yrs old but it started at 16 yrs old . I will be 49 this month .Basically you have to keeping fighting for disability
    most get turned down at least once but after trying again they get it . Good luck .

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    I just won my case 5/08 at 55. I turned 56 in July. I filed 10/05 and was denied twice. I won at the judicial stage using Allsup.

    What might be very helpful for you, get the book "nolos Guide to Social Security Disability". The info is invaluable, and will help you when you are going for your appeal. I also used Allsup to represent me.

    I had fibro, CFS, bilatersal severe pronation (flat feet) that caused nerve entrapment in both feet with numbness. Also depression, and 2 knee surgeries.

    Good luck.

    M J