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    Hey, I am new here and I have a question about SSDI.
    I applied for SSDI in 2011 and I was denied the fist time, which I was told I would be. I then got a company that helps with getting you approved, does all the filing and such and gets you a lawyer to go to the hearing with you.
    I went to a hearing in 2013 and was denied again. I was called by a lawyer from this company and she suggested that I appeal the judges decision , because it was possible that he made a mistake. She also said it can take up to a year. Anyhow, I have learned a lot more since then and I feel like not enough was done by this company and I have so much more new information that I can provide and am told I can`t at this point. What I was wanting to do is pull out of the appeal and start over with all the new info and DR`s reports and with a new lawyer that specializes in this. Can I do this? What is the process? What will happen if I do? Will it hurt my new case? Thanks for your time.
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    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. It is a shame that we do work so hard at it when I see others that didn't`t fight that much at all and get it right away. One I know got it so fast and did`t have nearly as many symptoms that I did. now approved she is out traveling all around and doing stuff. I most of the time don`t even leave my house and sometimes bed. I don`t get it at all!
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    There is a lot of fraud in so many of the social programs....and not to compare these programs, BUT all the wars we do, are all frauds, and we continue to feed them.... I'm a very political person and look at the whole picture of our society and where govt spends OUR tax money and other country's money...and we can't help our people who are in NEED.......grrrrrrrrr
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