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    Hey, I am new here and I have a question about SSDI.
    I applied for SSDI in 2011 and I was denied the fist time, which I was told I would be. I then got a company that helps with getting you approved, does all the filing and such and gets you a lawyer to go to the hearing with you.
    I went to a hearing in 2013 and was denied again. I was called by a lawyer from this company and she suggested that I appeal the judges decision , because it was possible that he made a mistake. She also said it can take up to a year. Anyhow, I have learned a lot more since then and I feel like not enough was done by this company and I have so much more new information that I can provide and am told I can`t at this point. What I was wanting to do is pull out of the appeal and start over with all the new info and DR`s reports and with a new lawyer that specializes in this. Can I do this? What is the process? What will happen if I do? Will it hurt my new case? Thanks for your time.
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    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. It is a shame that we do work so hard at it when I see others that didn't`t fight that much at all and get it right away. One I know got it so fast and did`t have nearly as many symptoms that I did. now approved she is out traveling all around and doing stuff. I most of the time don`t even leave my house and sometimes bed. I don`t get it at all!