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  1. madisond

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    I won my case and I'm going to be getting back pay. My questions is how long has anyone waiting for there back pay after they were told they were going to be getting it.

    Thanks so much
    Bayside New York
  2. justmestephd

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    Wow that's great news. I don't know about the wait I'm still waiting for my hearing with the judge but wanted to say CONGRATS!!!
  3. madisond

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    Thanks so much for the happy congradulations. I'm real happy. One thing good about winning my case was I never had to see a judge. oh also I only waited for a year.
  4. bubblegum

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    I won my case and a rep from SSA called me and told me that they have 60 days from the date they found out that I am in fact disabled to pay me. In my case, they received the notice from the ALJ's office on February 15 which means that I will receive money by april 15. As of today, I still have not received the judges decision via mail although I do know i won. The judge decided my case on Dec. 6th but SSA doesn't start counting the 60 days until they are informed of your approval. I hope this helped you. And again congratulations.

    take care
  5. madisond

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    Hi, Sandy

    The info you posted does help me. I was told on Feb 8, 2008 that I would be receiving SSD so I'll probably see back pay sometime in April.

    I would say to everyone who is trying to get SSD stick with it, I know money wise it can be very hard, it was for me. I used Allsup to help win my case, and would recommend them to everyone. Allsup was in touch with me through out the process of applying for SSD.

    One thing I can't stress enough and I'm sure it's been said many times, is to make sure all your Doctors are on board with you when submitting all your medical files.

    I had doctors that were connected with each other in one way or another and I think that had a lot to do with the way my medical files were presented.

    What I did every time I went to a doctor I made sure that any copies of tests, new treatment or new med's were sent to all doctors. I thought by doing this it gave my doctors all the same information to look at when filling any paper work out for SSD. If my primary doctor said that due to all the med's I'm taking it would be very hard to concentrate, my other doctors would follow suit and write similar statements.

    To all who are trying to win SSD I can't say how important documentation's is. I kept a book of all my doctors’ appts and any change of med’s, tests or new diagnoses.

    Allsup was a big help with paper work , which was a good think for me. My hands are very bad and sometimes they are so swollen and numb I can't write. Even with my win of SSD I will continue to document everything, this way at anytime SSD decides to review my case I'll have the answer right in front of me.

    One more important little bit of info.

    When the judge decided my date of Disability he considers me disable from the last day I worked and not the date that I filed for SSD. This was one lucky break for me. My last day of work was 12/31/02 and my file date was April 2006. By doing this I'll be getting back pay starting from the last day I worked. Anything that I will be receiving from SSD is retro to that last day even Medicare. If I had any doctor bills or prescriptions that weren't totally cover by my insurance SSD will pay them, one little catch with that is, if I had a premium to pay with Medicare I will also have to pay that premium amount retro. I'm not going to take the Medicare at this time because I have great coverage with my husband so I have to call SSD and let them know that before they take any money from my back pay to cover the past premium.

    Well, I know this was very long but I wanted to let all of you know my learning experience. I hope this might help some of you expedite your SSD application a little faster.

    Bayside New York
  6. bearybadtriplets

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    I also won after second appeal I was told beginning of Feb and my back pay will be in tomorrow. Julie
  7. tonia1990

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    Congrats on winning your case!My backpay took less than a month.
  8. kellygirl

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    Did they accept the dx of Fibromyalgia or did you need other dx's to go along with it? I read that it is required to have several dx's and from specialists.

  9. dafoefan

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    I found out that I had won my case by looking at my checking account and finding a huge deposit. I actually contacted Allsup to let them know I had money before they knew.

    I didn't look at your profile, but if you have children under 18, their monies will be sent by check (at least in my case).

    Glad to see another positive experience with Allsup!
  10. Catwhite

    Catwhite New Member

    Congrats on winning. I had my hearing Feb 7 and I am pretty sure I won after 3 years of waiting. I was at my hearing for 15 min and the Judge said at the end "I don't see any reason you should not be deemed disabled". I am 59 with FMS,Arthritis though my body, Lthp in Nov 2006, Asthma, Copd with chronic broncitis, and spondolylethesis and more. I quit working Dec 15 2003 and didn't file until Nov 2004. I am waiting on my letter and back pay also. It has been 4 weeks now and I am anxious but I do know also they have 60 days. Its money in the bank but we did without for 3 years and I can't wait !! And looking forward to having medicare too.

    I will let you know when I get something in the mail. And I am looking to hear when you get something in the mail too.

    Cathy in Ohio
  11. madisond

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    Thanks for the Congrates Cathy. Right back at ya.

    In your post you mention you will be taking the Medicare Benefits, I don't know if you were told this that Medicare is also retro.

    Cathy I don't know if anyone told you this but anything that you will be receiving from SSD is retro to that last day even Medicare. If you had any doctor bills or prescriptions that weren't totally cover by your previous insurance SSD will pay them, one little catch with that is, if you have a premium to pay with Medicare you will also have to pay that premium amount retro.

    I'm not going to take the Medicare Benefits at this time because my husbands insurance pays for everything and his very nice boss pays the premium and not us. Later down the road if our medical changes then I'll take the Medicare Benefits.

    When Allsup call me to go over everything they said for me to call SSD to let them know I wouldn't need Medicare at this time so as I wouldn't have those premiums withheld from my back pay.

    Well, I guess there will be to women waiting for the mailman every day.

    I'll let you know when I get it and the same for you.

    Bayside New York
  12. Catwhite

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    Thanks for the info Debbie, David on AOL's SSD message board told me about Medicare being retro. I had my hip replacement in June of 2006 but that was paid for by Medicaid spendown. I do have a couple of high doctors bills from other things. I will have to figure what will be better for me, pay the bills off with my retro money or go back and let them take $96 per month out. Here is what David told me(former SSD representive at AOL SSD message board)

    -Part B (Medical insurance) of your Medicare will start effective with the first month you actually get a check and they will give you the option of making it retroactive to June 2006 (as long as you agree to pay the Part B premiums from June 2006-on).

    If I hear anything from my atty I will let you know too.

    So I am going to figure it out tomorrow and see what's the better way for me to do. I know I will have plenty of time tomorrow as we will be in a middle of a Blizzard. I am making a big pot of hamburg veg soup. Are you getting the bad weather too? What makes it worse for me is that I have two little chihuahua's that have to go outside and pee (Baby is 3lbs and Mani is 6lbs.)poor furkids. I do have to go out with them and watch them so they don't blow away.

    Keep warm,

  13. madisond

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    Hi Cathy

    Yes with are having real bad weather here too. Lots of heavy rain and wind.

    I'm glad you new about the medicare, it would be a shock to you when you received your back pay and were short a couple hundreds.

    I totally understand about your little fur kids, I have one myself her name is Madison D and she's a Bichon Frise. Madison is my only child, I had a hysterectomy when I was 36 and now I'm 47. Madison was train to go on a Wee Wee do to my medical problems. There are days that I'm unable to walk her so those pads come in handy.

    I looked at your profile and it seems with have a lot of the same illnesses. I have asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD which caused my diaphragm to go flat which causes me to have shortness of breath. I also have carpal tunnel and I get injections every 3 months. I could go on because I have more things wrong with me,but I guess that's just part of that wonderful package deal we get when you have Fibromyalgia.

    Cathy please keep me informed on your progress with you case and I'll do the same.

  14. emah

    emah Member


    This is so encouraging. I have been waitng for over 2 years. I have retained an attorney. Can anyone tell me waht Allsup is?

    Just the day before yesterday I called my congressman's office so they wil be helping me. I sent the paper work to them today.

    Again, congrats to you and to all who have successfully won your case. Hopefully one day I will be posting the same thing.
  15. Catwhite

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    Debbie, You said:
    I'm glad you new about the medicare, it would be a shock to you when you received your back pay and were short a couple hundreds.

    I knew that but don't they give me the choice to take the retro medicare? Because most of my bills were covered by medicaid and sometime the Hospital took care of most our bills due to our income. I will probably be better off money wise to not take the retro medicare, I will come our a head paying some medical bills I have out of my retro check. And just starting my medicare when I get my first check.

    Let me know what you think,,,,,,,,,

    Thanks , Snowed in Cathy
  16. madisond

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    Yes you do have a choice, but I was told I would have to call SSD and let them know if I was taking Medicare or not. I guess if you don't tell them you don't want it they just go a head and take the back premiun money out of your back pay.

    Bayside NY
  17. obrnlc

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    congrats on winning your case!!
    i don't know if they have changed things, but am pretty certain that any back pay/medicare will only go back to one year from the date you file, regardless of your dis. date, which is why it is important to file shortly after you have been out of work for a while.

    i hope this is not the case for you, but i think you need to check this out, good luck--L
  18. Catwhite

    Catwhite New Member

    Hi Debbie, I just wanted to keep you up on whats going on here. I called SSD yesterday and was told that the decision was made on Fri and will be mailed to me. I hope that will be this week sometime. I asked her if she could tell me anything but she couldn't. I don't think they are allowed. Waiting inpatiently. You hear anything yet?

  19. madisond

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    Hi, Cathy

    I did the same thing you did, I called and I was also told that they couldn't answer my questions. I was told to wait for my paper work and then when 60 days is up I can call and ask all the questions I need too.

  20. Catwhite

    Catwhite New Member

    I got it today and it reads Fully Favorable. I was pretty sure that I won at my hearing but you never know its a sure thing until you get it in writing. I filed Nov 2004 but this letter says : After careful review of the entire record, the undersigned finds the claimant has been disabled from Dec 15,2003 through the date of this decision.
    Which is March 7th.

    Now I am waiting for letter about my benefits which I don't mind waiting now a for a little bit. Over 3 years is long enough.

    Debbie and All I hope you get yours very soon. We should not have to wait this long for what is ours in the first place.