disability benefits, anyone getting them?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pat56, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. pat56

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    I've applied for disability because I am unable to work full-time, and can't make a living part-time. I was refused, and have gotten an attorney who is going to help me appeal. Right now I'm waiting for my appeal date. Has anyone actually been able to get benefits? Is there anything that one can do to make this process work?
    Also, does anyone know a good insurance company for health insurance? One company turned me down, and another would only give me a policy that allowed them to decide whether they would cover anything, and then the coverage was low. I was on COBRA, but that ran out.
  2. Geralyn

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    Hi Pat!

    Yes I am currently getting benefits for SSD. I have a form of inflamatory arthritis along with the fibro so it obviously played a role in his decision making. I also appealed and was waiting for a court date, when I received a letter form the judge granting me benefits. He really didn't put too much emphasis on the doctors evaluation. He went more with my history with my current doctor.

    As far as insurance goes, that's a tough one. I know several years ago my in laws got insurance with Pacificare and they had quite a few health problems between them. Good luck!