Disability benefits appealed prior to first payment?!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deb06, Feb 27, 2006.

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    Has anyone ever had the appeal process reject a favorable disability decision prior to the first payment? My letter said that they had 2 months to appeal and deny benefits and my attorney does not want to pursue my first case with this favorable decision on my second case until we are positive I will be getting benefits. Has this happened to anyone here? Deb
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    That was on my letter....I got approved....The letter stated that they may appeal the decision in so many days....

    They never did ....I got my money.....Good luck...

    I think they put that on every ones letter...I think

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    That the medical review board had issued a favorable decision, but that it could be overturned in the review office... does that really happen?
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    I believe it is stated in all of the Favorable letters. It is probably more a formality for legal reasons.

    Basically once the judge makes his/her decision the file goes to some Adminstrative Review Board who then make sure the judge didn't make an error or biased decision. If these people believe the judge made a error in his/her decision they can then overturn it to an unfavorable or a partially favorable decision. You can then appeal that decision.

    I have only heard of it being done once, by a member of this board (a LONG time ago), and it was because of a technicality with the taping/recording of the hearing. The individual had to have another hearing, however they didn't come back and tell us the outcome.

    I was petrified it would happen and didn't feel confident in my approval until I had the money in my hand. I had become so skeptical of the SSA by the time the whole process was over because of the way they word their denial letters. I was all just a terrible experience I didn't want, and don't ever want, to go through again. I hope the 3,5,7 year reviews aren't as bad, mine should be coming up soon and I'm scared about that as well. It's scary to know you can't work and be at the mercy of someone else (who know little about you) deciding if you are or aren't capable of working.

    I wouldn't worry about it though, but I know its easier said than done =)

    Congrats on your favorable decision!!!!