Disability Benefits for Canadians?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheri-Lee, May 18, 2006.

  1. Sheri-Lee

    Sheri-Lee New Member

    I had to leave my job early last year due to personal and physical problems and have been collecting EI benefits. My claim will run out this Sept and I know that I am not physically capable of working at this point. I was curious to know if any of the Canadians had success in applying/receiving Disability Benefits. I am not familiar with any other type of temporary assistance available in this country. I would appreciate any feedback on this matter as I would like to pursue any options I might have and start the lengthy process.
    Thank you.
  2. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi Sheri-Lee,
    Are you on sick E-I or regular. If you are on sick you can file for Canada Pension Disability. You can pick up the forms at the E-I office. You cannot file for it while on regular E-I.They consider you still able to wrk if
    you are on regular E-I.

    I filed for mine 3wks ago. They have called me to say that it has gone on to the medical dept.Its up to a 4 month wait.

    There is a web site you can go on and it tells you what you need to know to file.And how to do it. It helped me a lot.

    I went thru 4 sets of forms before I felt it was all set to mail.
    Will sign off and get you the addresses.

  3. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Here are a few web sites that may help.

    www.sdc.gc.ca;( the forms for CPPD)

    www.mssociety.ca; www.meao-cfs.on.ca

    Good luck!!!
  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    Hi again Sheri-Lee,

    If I remember, you live in N. Ontario. So one perk of being in Ontario is we have the best provincial disability payments in Canada. Being in N. Ontario, the rate would be the same, but cost of living is probably cheaper.

    You have to file for CPP first, it's a mandatory step before applying for provincial. If you have enough work hours to qualify for CPP, it's not very much, but ODSP will top you up to the ODSP payment level, as well as give you rx benefits and many others. There are alot of other medically related payment perks on ODSP, but it does depend on your municipality for the extras. I've got the best of both worlds, because Ottawa has much better perks, than say Pembroke (a small town), but I'm out in the country where the cost of living is much cheaper.

    I'm glad you mentioned "the long process", because ODSP will drag you thru every hoop they can think of. They are quite dirty, and will dismiss the best medical evidance for something harder to prove like FM. They will ignore strong evidence, and jump on every little contradiction, or weak statement by doctor that can be pulled out of context for their end, to disprove your case.

    It took me 3 and a half, long, torturous, maddening years. Their feedback reports put me in a rage, I really had to learn to let it roll off me. It can really depend on who reviews your case. I had a girlfriend, a nurse, who sped thru in 8 mths, for a much lesser disabling case than mine. I wonder if her being a nurse helped her credibility? It was probably the reveiwer she got for her in person review, after she'd exhausted mail in appeals. It took me much longer, because they dragged me through the whole system TWICE, and my first reviewer was less than sympathetic, a man too. The second time, I got the same woman she got, and was finally approved.

    So I just want to prepare you, it can be really long, and really bad. Or not. Getting through as quick as my nurse friend did, is much rarer.

  5. insanelady

    insanelady New Member

    Sherri-Lee you should apply for Canada Pension Disability. I applied in Feb. and was told by March that I had been accepted. I will not receive a check til August but it is retroactive.

    It entails lots of paper work and fill it out really well. Make sure you have all docs paper work with it and send a cover letter filling in what they have not asked.

    I simply told them my quality of life was nothing anymore and I missed being able to play with my grandchildren, painting, woodcrafts, traveling, socializing.

    Make sure you date and photo copy everything including the forms that you fill out.

    Hope this has helped you.

    Gentle Hugs

  6. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    My mother has had FM for 22 years. She lives in Canada and has been on Disability for about 20 years. She has to reapply every so often but never has any trouble getting it.

    I am currently in the US so I have never tried for Canadian DIsability.

    I did receive a "medical leave" from EI in Ontario though 2 separate times where they paid me EI for 5 months each time. All I needed was a letter from my doc and to fill out the appropriate forms.

  7. debstark69

    debstark69 New Member

    I am looking for real advice to use at my upcoming Tribunal in June. I had a car accident in 2000 (actually an 18wheeler hit me doing 60) anyhow..progressively over the last 11 years the meniscus in the knee is almost completely gone. In ontario I had a dr..but here in Nova Scotia where ive been the past 3 yrs their are NO doctors..and so I relied on a specialist here (who operated uneccissarily but is another story)..a 3rd pregnancy and weight gain of 50 pounds (which I cant get off due to the knee injury) has compounded the injury. I am at the Tribunal process and have a lawyer helping "for his "cut" in the end.<BR>
    Is there any advice for ppl without (and no access whatsoever) to a general doctor...that's my query. Ive attempted to contact the Ontario dr and he refuses to flil forms out because Im now in another province..I am about to see yet another specialist just to try and get pain meds (Im tired of fighting to be quite frank)..any thoughts are helpful for anone who has won in my situation..thanks

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