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    I have a friend that applied for disability and got it after two years with a lawyers help. She said I need to line up a good one to represent my case before I actually need it as it takes so long if you get anything at all. I don't work a normal job and haven't been able to for 10 years since I got fibro. I have a shop that I open when I can and I sell advertising and write for a little paper to support myself. It's never enough yet I know trying to have a normal 9 to 5 would be physically impossible. I'm divorced and was married 30 years...with him for 35. He left for someone else because in part the pile of doctor books by the bed drove him crazy....this was 5 years ago. That and all the things can accompany fibro..I didn't know what I had then but I was trying to find out. We had a great marriage until this...he was a good guy...just not a loyal husband. I can't blame him but now I have no insurance and on this little island if one is not self-employed work is hard to find....even part-time. So the stress of owning a business in this bad economy is killing me. I've gotten so much worse that I'm not liking my options. Who out there gets disability and how much do you get....what are the working stipulations? Can you even work 10 hours a week? Which attorney firms are the best and get the best results? By the way, my sister and two neices also have this.....I suspect my father had it also as he always complained of his legs and muscles hurting.
    This site has been a big support to me in the last two weeks. It really helps to know others feel what you feel and have the same frustrations. Thanks!!!
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    What island do you live on? Hawaii, or an island not part of the U.S. or its territories?

    Getting SSDI depends upon so much. It would be in your best interests to call the Social Security Administration and ask them directly your questions.

    I also got my SSDI on my first try, without a lawyer's help.

    Take care,

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