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    I was diagnosed with FM two years ago. Over time, I have gotten progressively worse. I take 500mg of Lodine 2x per day (on really bad days I take it 3x per day and sometimes with ibrupophen). This sometimes causes my stomach to be upset, but the pain is so bad I don't care. I can barely roll out of bed most days because I'm so tired even after 10 hours of sleep at night and catnaps at work. I take caffeine pills and drink sodas and coffee until I'm shaky and my heart is racing. How bad does your FM have to be to be considered disabled? I am not keen on going on disability, but I don't know how much of this my body can take.
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    I see Your new.So sorry you have FM.

    I have Fm also.

    You might want to try ss.gov there is alot of great information.

    Please try and fill in your profile so we can get to know you.

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    First of all, welcome to our board and online support group!!! I see from your bio that you are fairly new here!

    We're always glad to have new members.

    The Lodine that you are taking is nothing more than an anti-inflammatory drug for arthritis. No matter how much you take, it won't help the pain from fibro.

    I have arthritis all over my body, fibro, cfs, lupus, and a ton of other problems (see my bio). I have taken dozens of the arthritis meds, but have given up on them because they don't seem to help.

    The fibro seems to be helped by other types of meds because it's a different type of pain. What has helped me the most is Cymbalta and Neurotin.

    You also sound as if you have a sleep disorder. Have you had a sleep study done yet? If not, you should talk with your doc about one. Especially if you have to take cat naps at work! It doesn't matter how much you sleep at night, it's the amount of "quality" sleep that you get.

    I've had a sleep study and found out that I have obstructive sleep apnea. There are many type of sleep disorders. Mine was causing me to go into congestive heart failure.

    I now sleep with a CPAP machine and oxygen and I get a quality sleep now.

    I certainly wouldn't be taking so many cafffeine pills and drinking enough sodas to get your heart racing!!! Take it from a person with a lot of heart problems!!

    I would have another checkup with your doc and talk about the sleep study, ask about the Cymbalta and Neurotin--maybe he may just want to try one at a time.

    I also take Zanaflex at bedtime to help me sleep. It's a muscle relaxer. Most docs start fibro patients off on Elavil to help sleep, but I was really sensitive to it and even a fourth of the lowest dose tablet would cause me such a hangover feeling the next day that I couldn't work.

    There are many other meds people here take that help them.

    Also, instead of the Lodine, have you ever taken Ultram or Ultracet? It is a non-narcotic pain reliever that a lot of docs give to fibro patients. That may help you more than the Lodine. You certainly wouldn't get the stomach upset from it.

    Also, you need to get your stomach "cleared up" some from all the Lodine so you could eventually take the one aspirin a day that everyone "our age" (even though I'm almost 13 years older than you) should be taking for our heart health. (I take a coated aspirin -- Ecotrin -- so it won't upset my stomach.)

    I hope some of this info has helped. Just remember: Cymbalta, Neurotin, Elavil (or Zanaflex), and Ultram/Ultracet when you also talk about a sleep study with your doc!!!! Make that appointment on Monday!!!!!!

    P.S. I worked for 30 years and had to retire the day I hit the 30 years (I was 48 then) due to my numerous health problems. A year after retirement, I filed for SSDI and was lucky enough to be awarded it. It's not enough to live on, but it certainly helps. It takes most people 2 or 3 years to get it--fighting a battle the entire way!

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    When I quit work I said that was that and I would never go back. I called SSA at there 800 number. They took some info and I gave them written info. Also--releases from my doctors.

    Of course I was denied twice, and was just living on the money I had from my divorce and what money I had.

    I went to a lawyer and we were to go to an ALJ and he approved my disability just from reading my file. I never even had to show up.

    Always look at the silver lining bewteen the clouds.
    Goodluck and

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