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    I was just denied benefits in ga. I am looking for a GOOD Lawyer please HELP!!!
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    Some people on these boards have used Allsup.

    You can also check with the NOSSCR, the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives and they are an organization for attorneys representing SSD cases and they provide attorney education on SSD cases.
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    Thank you for the information.
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    I am not a lawyer, but had been an adjudicator and writer for the judges for 30 years and now retired. If you have not had a hearing yet, I will help you. I am in Alabama but will travel if warranted.
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    P.S. lawyers may or may not know anything about SSA law and take the case. Be careful.
  6. There are many renowned lawyers in the market, just consult one of them who have experienced in handling cases as yours.
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    60 Minutes had a segment on the Fraud in the Disability world...when the segment was over it left me believing "they" are using a finer tooth comb going over applications. I have a close person in my life who asked her MD about the possibility of disability, and her doc said no way, they are getting tighter and tighter with disability. I know it's necessary for many, but again, it's been abused....just like Medicare has been in close scrutiny as abuse has gone on there rampantly.....
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