Disability "Curious about the entire SOCIAL SECURITY STUFF'

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    I am not sure what to think at this point! YOu all are all so helpful and I sleep better after getting your advice! So I ask again for help. I went to the SS DR and was denied I have FIBRO, IBS, PCOS, Heart issues and Major depression and anxiety issues. Thn I got a lawyer and appealed and last Monday I got a call to See a DR for depression and see if I was what SS called depressed etc enough to get SSD, I went to the DR and it went GREAT! I called my case worker today because I had surgery this week and wanted to follow-up on my case. She said they made a decision but she could not tell me what it was.... because it was pulled for a audit and was sent to be reviewed. I asked but she said it would be three weeks or more before I hear anything about my case. They would pull it and check to see if they agree! I asked did it look good and she said if they agreed with her decision I would not have to do anything else but if not I may have to do more stuff???? What does that mean. Then she said it looked favaboral for me.... Well what does that mean and has ANYONE had this type deal..... Please Help once again! I love you guys!

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