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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nannydogs, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. nannydogs

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    I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that has a disability claim from Ohio? I just received my denial papers and wondered what the next step is. Do I get an attorney now, or do I appeal on my own? I have numerous other health issues besides fibro. Osteoarthritis, thrombocythemia, asthma, depression, hypertension, vertigo, all of which I see individual specialists for, and they all sent in a report. Please Help!
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    I am from Adams County (one of, if not THE poorest county)in Ohio. I am not on disability, but I can tell you from working in a grocery store, the number of local people who come in to cash their disability and SSI checks is staggering.(Most don't cash them at the bank because the fee cost more.) I know of a whole family of adults who each receive their own disability checks for different purposes. I even know a couple of people who have screwed the system and brag about it. I know people in this county who receive disability, but work heavy labor for local farmers on the side and get paid under the table. This is very common in our tobacco farming community. It seems it should be relatively easy to be approved for disability considering the number of people in Adams Co. who receive it, But..........

    The very few people who I know that receives disability from FM/CFS has had to get a lawyer, and has had to appeal at least once. Our system is seriously screwed up! I have completely lost all faith in the fairness of this system!

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    I had my two denials and am finally getting to my trial this month. I say Lawyer up after your second denial. May I ask what their reasoning of denial was? My second one was "We believe that you can not use your hands for gainful employment but feel you could find gainful employment." Does that make sence to you? Be prepared for a long wait for your trial.
    God bless

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    I have not applied for disability, but I have an aunt that did a few months ago. She has had health problems all her life, in and out of the hospital with documentation for everything and the support of many doctors in applying. She just found out she was denied. She is only 32 and has struggled her whole life with her health. I find it amazing that after everything she's been through, and tons of proof to back it up, she was denied. But I hear that's how the system works, they usually deny the first round to weed people out. She is not getting an attorney yet, but if the next time doesn't work, she will be. Best of luck to you, I hope it works out quickly!!!
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    I'm sorry to hear that your disability claim was denied. This is very common practice the first time. However, this is not the end of the road!

    Now is definately the time to find an attorney who specializes in SSD and has a good track record. With all of your health problems and doctor's reports you should have a strong case.

    My claim was also denied, then I got an attorney and we appealed. It took two years, but I finally got a back award and also became eligible for Medicare. I could not have done it without my attorney.

    You will not have to pay for anything up front. Once you win your award, and I'm confident that you have a strong case, the attorney's fee is paid out from your back award.

    Also, if you click above on the "Library" tab, and enter the name Scott Davis in the search box, you will pull up many articles he has written to help people who are filing SSD claims (he is an SSD attorney).

    Best wishes always, don't give up!
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    I have not been through this but I hear that people with Fibro and/or CFIDS are usually denied the first time around.........but if they persist they get the disability...

    I am in Ohio..
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    ...it is in a lawyer's best interest to let the case drag on for as long as possible, because they're entitled to 25% of all the back-payments you'll receive when you are approved.

    Also, don't rely on your doctor's reports -- they may be very cold and clinical and may even hint that they don't believe you're as sick as you are.


    I got some tips from a woman who has helped others get the SSI on the FIRST TRY. And as a result, I was approved as well on my first try.

    According to my friend, most people make the mistake of filling all the forms out as neatly and precisely as possible. BIG mistake. If you do that, they'll look at them and say "Hey, this person isn't disabled -- they can get a job!"

    Instead, stress and emphasize what you can't do, and if you screw up filling out the paperwork, cross it out, and write it up the side of the paper or wherever there is room. If you forget things or can't spell things -- good! That will help prove you're having difficulty both physically and mentally.

    And speaking of mentally: She says that is often the KEY to winning benefits. At some point you'll have to go in and be interviewed by an SSI or SSD psychiatrist for a mental evaluation. By the time I went in for mine, I was so literally exhausted and frustrated after filling out pages and pages of paperwork (and getting my doctors and friends to do the same) that I just fell apart -- couldn't stop crying for 3-4 minutes.

    My brain was pretty foggy that day too: They give you a list of 3-4 words to remember, then ask a few questions, then come back to ask you what the words were. I remember the first one, but the second one I guessed "puppy" (it was dog), and I just could NOT remember the third.

    It was clear I couldn't and still can't at times function well mentally -- especially under stress. And a week later i was approved.

    I hope this helps in some way.

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