Disability Discrimination!!!

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    I am sooooo irriatated. This morning I was woken up bright and early by a SSDI person. She called to ask more questions about my application. She kept saying over and over, "Well, since you're ONLY 25, you are going to have ALOT of problems being accepted!! I just want to let you know ahead of time!!" She must have said that about 20 times in our 10 minute converstaion. On my application, I put down that my reasons for applying were Chronic Body Pain, Depression, and Panic Disorder. She started in on me about the mental issues. SHe asked if I had ever been to a Phychiatrist. I said no. She gave me such an attitude like I was wasting her time. She said, "Well then, how do you know that you have a panic disorder??" I said, "I KNOW I DO!! I have had extreme panic attacks since I was 18. And I have lost many jobs because of it!!!" Then I preceded to tell her that at this point, my physical ailments are more extreme than my mental problems. She gave me a really hard time becasue I did not yet have a diagnosis. I told her that I am waiting to get insurance so that I can get an MRI on my back, and that my doc seems to think that it's Spinal Stenosis. It wasn't until that point that she started to let up on me. I know that she thought I was full of you-know-what. She said that she is going to send me a couple of referrals in the mail of a Psychiatrist and a Orthopedic Doctor. They will evaluate me to see if I am really sick. I am so offended!!! Why should it matter if I am 25 or 45?? Anyone can have a disability, not just older people!!! Has anyone else had problems like this??

    Much love,
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    Sorry you are having problems with SSD. I am a bit older than you but at 33 I have been told that my age will be a huge determining factor.

    One thing I want to mention is that if you are not seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist for the panic disorder and depression, you have no way to prove your case on these merits.

    While you were treated badly, please try to turn it around for your sake and use it as a learning tool. Write down what she said and use it against SSD. If you are undiagnosed, ensure your doctor is charting your symptoms of pain. Use everything this woman said and be able to counter attack it with evidence supporting your claim. You will have time to do all of this while your case is evaulated.

    Best Wishes,
    Sandy (FF)
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    I became ill over 10 years ago. I had a dissability case active for about 5 years and never got benefits.During the last appeal,I had developed an eye condition (I was legally blind with glasses and 20/70 with contacts). the judge treated me WORSE. I also remember being called at about 6:00 am and being interrogated about insomnnia. I would
    suggest a good attourney from the beginning. I have heard that some states or areas may be more understanding.
    I have also noticed a disproportionate number of felons
    and drug addicts on benefits. If I try again I will be sure to have tatoos and body piercings all over so I fit in with their accepted steretype. KEEP YOUR GUARD UP ALWAYS

    (sorry if I went wackey for a second)
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    I ran out of room. but I have some more ramblings. You must have your doctors on your side. They are all you have going for you. The doctors they send you to will most likely be 100% on their side. I was sent to one of their shrinks who
    claimed his wife had CFS. He got me to let my guard down
    then back-stabbed me in his report. Expect them to lie, to
    try to trick you and to destroy any papers you loan them.
    You should always have extra copies of everything. Your case should be built on the testimony of your doctors.
    I would say you must have your own shrink and you should get a referral from someone in a similar condition as you who has won their case.

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    I know exactly what you are going through. Well,
    not exactly! I first applied for SSDI six months
    after becoming disabled due to a herniated then
    fragmented disc. I had numb legs and feet on and
    off, excruciating sciatica, and drs on my side.
    I was denied and they included in their rejection
    "due to college education and youth." I was 27.
    They even said that even though I could not sit, stand, reach, lift, bend, etc, that I could work! As what???
    A mattress tester??? I finally had surgery that
    was unsucessful and hired an attorny. I orig. applied
    in 89. I won in 91 after reapplying. My attorney made
    them reopen my orginal application and I got three
    years retroactive payments.

    Also, like someone else said. After my surgery, SSDI
    wanted me to see a neurologist. I was only about
    a month post surgery. I was doing horribly. The
    dr. told me that he never would have even touched
    me via surgery and that I was never going to be
    better. Nice thing to say to someone trying to recuperate. I got copies of all of my letter's, etc.
    and this very same dr told SSDI that it was reasonable
    that I would be disabled for three months. Yet,
    he gave me all doom and gloom. Nice guy. Now
    it's 14 years later and I've been on ssdi all those
    years. I have severe back trouble, FMS, arthritis,
    MCS, etc. Too many to mention. You get the point.
    The only thing I can tell you is that when you
    have a mental disability you get SSDI very easily.
    So you may have a better shot than I did. My chiropractor was so upset that I didn't get SSDI the first time because I was one of the worst patients he had
    ever treated. He told me not to expect to get it and that
    people with mental problems get it much easier.
    Now, whenever I am reviewed, I always mention
    how depressed I am. It is the truth. I am very
    depressed. Who wouldn't be when you are in pain
    and exhausted every day.

    Good luck
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    You need absolute proof your are disabled before they will approve you. I have heard you are too young to have this...then the MRI's came back and the cat scans...and they changed their maids. I use to get so angry just because I was young. It took me until I was 35 to get disability and I broke my back at 26!!! I wish you luck and if you have panic disorder you will need to see a phyciatrist or you will never get over them or be able to use that as part of your evidence in your SSI case. You need all the proof you can get. Even if you have all of those things if you dont have proof they will not approve you. Good luck, Sis
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    I was told by my attorney that age DOES play a major factor ind getting SSD. He said he wouldn't of taken my case if my medical did not show enough to determine disability benefits. He took it and I won within 13 months. I am 51, he said its very hard when your young, my advice to you is see a psycologist who will back you up with your disability. It really does help especially if your young. My cousin was young and got her SSD based soley on mental (panic attacks, cognitive problems, depression) So my advice is to seek help in Psycatric issues. The docs they send you to will not work with you believe me. Good luck!!! Don't give up because your young, if your sick your sick wether it be mental or physical. Give them whatever they want in order for you to win. It's tough but don't be a quitter....