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  1. Bippy

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    i have a doctor's appointment i can't keep.....does it look bad on me if i tell disability that they need to reschedule. the date that i have an appointment that they made is the day my son graduates from elementary school and they have a little graduation for the kids.

    i really hate to miss it, but am afraid that if i don't go to the doctor's appointment that disibility made for me, it'll prolong things or make me look bad and i'll get denied.

    i just filed for disability a few months ago and this appointment is for a mental evaluation i guess.

    thanks for any help,
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  2. libra55

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    I can't help you cuz I don't know about disability at all. but if you change the title of your post to include something about "Disability" I bet you will get oodles of responses because many people here have experience with that sort of thing.

    Good luck

  3. Bippy

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    i really approciate your advice

  4. libra55

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    I'm bumping this back up the top for you so people will see it.

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    bumping for you again, bippy

    I have filed and haven't gotten that far so can't answer; hope someone can.

    Good Luck,