disability dr is coming to my house?!

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  1. gabdeb

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    i just got the notice a dr is coming to my house in 5 days. has this happened to anyone else? i dont let anyone in my house because i am so embarrassed of how bad it has gotten. what is he looking for by coming to my house? i guess when he sees it he will know i am sick!! and im sure to see how i am. this just seems strange. do i n eed to get my dogs out of the house cause they will bark for along time and jump on him. havent felt like training them, they are new. my fault. im nervous. anyone else gone through this. thanks for your info.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I too have never heard of this...this is the first for me.

    But it may be to your advantage so he can see really how hard it is for you...and as Rainfyer said...do not be embarrassed because No... you didnt ask for this condition.

    As for the dogs I would just put them up in another room and explain to the Dr..they will jump on him bark etc... because you havent had the energy to train them other wise or maybe a friend or family member can keep them a few hours.

    My dogs are pretty good but I still have to put my girl dog up when new people come to the house because she is so protective of us and im scared she may bite someone...She is fine when taken out for walks is the weird thing...I guess she dosent like new people in her terrtoiry(sp)(fog)

    I wish you Luck and keep us posted on how it goes!!

  3. suzetal

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    I have never heard of it.

    I would call my local SS office to make sure they have sent him or her.

    If they did make sure to check the ID.

    The dogs he or she will ask how you can take care of them.
    I know this because my hearing is this Monday and my lawyer said this judge will ask how I take care of my animals.

    Stay calm be you and you'll be fine.

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  4. Kinsie

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    I agree with Sue. I would do some checking to be sure this is on the "up & up". I'm sure it is, but just to be safe I'd verify it with Soc. Sec.

    Good luck, and don't be nervous. Just be yourself.

  5. Mareeok

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    ...if he's legit can you please send him over to my house next?? LOL.

  6. RENA0909

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    Hi Deb
    Here in UK we know that we are going to get a visit from a doctor to assess our disability.

    They are not there to see your animals or if your house is clean or not.You could just be a person who hates to clean!

    They are there to see HOW you live your life with your disabilities!To see if what you say is TRUE!And what they say is relevent to your claim.
    So much depends on how they view you as disabled as to if you will get disability money or not!

    When they visit here they ask questions from a form about how far you can walk/how long it takes.... any help you need with getting around/any help for personal things....can you stand/how long?..can you cook meal/prepare food??....etc etc it goes on and on!

    It is horrendous and very nerve wracking!It can take more than an hour and most times they will ask you to walk or examine you.

    They are sent by a government dept. and even though you think ......He was an ok doctor......dont be fooled.They are there to save the goverment money! And they get paid for doing these visits.
    You have to show them how disabled you are and how bad you are on your worst days.

    If they ask can you do this or that?? say NO!
    Cos if you say yes or that you can when you are sitting down etc they will take that as a yes.And that means that you are not as disabled as you are saying.

    Over here is is getting worse esp.this year! They are now saying that you have to BE SEEN to be living your life as a disabled person when they visit!
    Like having a carer and living accomodation downstairs etc to prove if you say you cannot manage stairs.

    I hope you will not have to face this but I just want to tell you what we have to go through over here to get disability living allowance.



  7. 69mach1

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    i had a friend that had the dr. come over for ssa. she is a flithy housekeeper. keep in mind i'm a neat freak or used to be when i felt better. but she had the psycologist come over and i guess the other doctor that was a couple of years ago. well she didn't get approved she didn't file the reconsideration or the hearing ican't rember which it was. she dropped the ball which i advise you do not go all the way and call an attorney if you get denied, they aren't going to take your case unless the truly feel that you will your case. keep in mind they do not get paid unless you win your case. so be yourself and don't worry about cleaning the house. leave the dirty clothes on the couch don't dress up for the doctor, sweat pants are nice and a t-shirt. don't offer any foods or drinks. you aren't well so you the heck feels like entertaining.

    hugs and good luck,

  8. vp

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    Mine is for my ltd disability ins. that I had to fight for over a year, and finally got my first check for the backpay in April. Then in May they paid me through the end of August. Strange they would pay ahead instead of month to month like my policy says. Of course I didn't complain, but now they want to evaluate me at home with one of their doctors, even though my doctors have reported the same information that got me approved back in April.

    What I don't understand is why do they bother with that now? I only have a 2 year policy, and they have paid 15 months already. I thought I was done fighting these people.

    He is coming to my house next Wednesday at 10:00 AM, and I am NOT a morning person. I also have a dog to worry about, but you know what, it's my house and if he doesn't like my dog, tough doggie doo doo. He can go back to Texas and tell his boss how miserable and grumpy I am. (Baxter is well behaved, but you know how dogs can sense when their owner is stressed.

    I am not going to be here alone, my boyfriend is taking off work to make sure this guy gets an accurate description of my disability, and doesn't twist things around, or trick me into saying the wrong thing etc. (fibrofog) I'm probably going into this with the wrong attitude, and more that a little paranoid, but when people are being paid to cheat you out of insurance benefits....

    Sorry about the vent, but I'm really nervous and stressed about this visit. I'm not even sure what kind of doctor he is, a psychiatrist maybe.

    Just be sure to answer questions as if you are having a bad day, even if your visit happens on a day that you feel better than usual, and don't do anything you woudn't be able to do on your worst day. These doctors are not on your side, they are only concerned about their job and saving their company money. (I don't mean to say they are bad poeple at heart, but they have a job to do)

    Good luck