Disability Evaluation and Being Proactive

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmelodyg, Jun 12, 2003.

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    Hello friends! I hope you are all doing alright today. I have two things that I want to share with you. First of all, on Tuesday, I will be going to my Disabilty examinations by a Pshychiatrist and some sort of pain specialist. Does anyone have any recommendations about what I should or should not say or do?

    Second of all, I am very proud of myself, I have to say. I have been waiting and waiting for my Govt assisted health insurance to go through. I spoke with my case worker last week and she said it was going to take another 2-5 weeks before she was even going to get to my application. I have already waited 2 months! And I could not wait any more. So, I wrote an e-mail to the SSA for my county and explained my situation with my idiot doctor and how I needed to be seen by someone else ASAP! The very next day, I got a call from the assistant of the director of the SSA, and she said that they have taken my application and will be moving it along for me alot faster. She said that they could have approved it right away, but they needed more info. So, they sent me the info packet that I needed to fill out, and I should be approved in the next week or so!! Isn't that great!!?

    It just goes to show you that when you are persistant and you fight for yourself, things can happen for the better. I am quickly learning that. Just three days ago, I actually thought for a brief second about ending it all. I was soooooo depressed. And the very next day, things began to turn around! I hope that this can inspire some others to fight too. It can make a difference!! Don't give up!!!!

    Much love,
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    to tell you the truth i MAY have acted a BIT MORE befuddled than usual during my psychiatric exam. --well i was HONEST about everything---but there was one question that stood out along with my response---she said: "if you were in a theater and someone yelled FIRE what would you do?" i answered "hide" LOL LOL LOL!!!!! that may have cinched it for me!!

    you didnt hear it from me. :)
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    Hi, and congradulations!
    I have thought for so long that you can't "fight" the government that I never would have thought about writing a letter.
    Now I am learning from you guys that I have a "voice".
    Hmmm...that is something to think about.
    Anyway, good for you!
    Take Care,
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    Well, I have heard that you should kinf of exaggerate your symptoms to these people. That's the only way to get them to understand the severity of your disabilities. Mabye I'm wrong. Any other input?

    Lots of love,
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    I've been told that when we're being evaluated we need to focus on our bad days.

    I've had a hard time doing this, and so did well when Voc Rehab tested me, etc. So their records show that I'm pretty capable. YES, I WAS very capable before I got sick. Yes, if I don't do anything else I AM capable--for a few hours. But if I have to work even just half-time for awhile, I become incapable of doing my daily living tasks.

    If you can do it, the day or two before your evaluation (it might be too late now), do things to tire yourself out so you show a truer picture of your abilities/limitations.