Disability evaluation with psychologist question

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by landra, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. landra

    landra New Member

    Has anyone had one of these? My lawyer's office said he would ask me about childhood stuff. I had one client who had a similar one.

    Anyone know what they are "looking for"?
  2. LaQuiet

    LaQuiet New Member

    They are probably looking for any childhood trauma or abuse would be my guess...
  3. landra

    landra New Member

    [read a whine!]
    I'm 61. I've worked since 19yo. What in the heck does my childhood have to do with filing for disability based on CFS?? I had clients who had svere mental health issues where it might have been relevant, and they were applying based on mental health! But really!! How damned snoopy!

    Now having said that, of course I will cooperate and not get angry - which my lawyer's office carefully told me.
  4. Sunrise2780

    Sunrise2780 New Member

    Yes I've had a disability evaluation with psychologist & had to answer questions in a very lengthy questionnaire.

  5. romalaw

    romalaw Member

    Yes, I had one. I don't recall any questions about my childhood, only questions related to my mood, affect and functioning.

    The biggest plus you have is your age. There is an web site that explains the ssd grid. My lawyer said the older you are the less stringent the criteria for being approved, in other words, the older you are the less they expect from your performance. I was classified as "advanced age!!" I am 62.
  6. landra

    landra New Member

    You go, girl. Maybe when my knee is better, we can have a disabled old ladies race!

    But - seriously - my attorney's office said he would ask about childhood and I remember a client who said her whole evaluation - for which she had to drive 80 miles! - was questions about childhood. Bot any idea what that would be about? Was depression listed on any of your health concerns?

    And I guess I'll ask the disisissues list, and maybe my attny!
  7. UsedtobePerkyTina

    UsedtobePerkyTina New Member

    This may sound bad to some of y'all, but I know a girl who got disability for depression. But guess what she has, CFS.

    Of course, the disability is not based on diagnoses but ability or lack of ability to function.

    She described it. And she had been diagnosed with CFS and depression.

    So, I say just answer honestly.

  8. landra

    landra New Member

    Hi Tina.

    I used to help people Get disability for depression! I just do not understand what childhood stuff would have to do with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue.

    I have depression, but that is not what my disability is about - I worked with depression for years!

    Anyway, disinissues has responded. Wanted a clarification first, but we will see what they have to say.
  9. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    I had my SSDI mental exam almost exactly a year ago. I was 52 at the time.

    The doctor was a PhD for my mental exam. She told right off that she doesn't play the games or do memory tests (which is what I was expecting). She just asked questions about my life from childhood till now. She did not dwell on childhood though.

    She kept it very low tone with nothing upsetting. She then asked me about the CFS and how it affected my life. She seemed very caring.

    Oh and she asked my sister who brought me in to write a paper while she waited , telling her how I have changed since this illness.

    It really was a pretty good experience for me. The doctor was so nice and I think that it helped that a Social Security doctor actually physically could see how ill I am.

    I truly believe that this was very helpful in getting me an approval 9 months after applying .I was approved 2 months after this exam. I got it in the appeal stage.

    Don't worry and I hope your experience is as good as mine was! GOOD LUCK!


  10. landra

    landra New Member

    But I got a good laugh!

    And thanks to everyone else who replied. Your experiences give me some different ways to look at the questions.

    I got a reply from disinissues moderator. It echoes some of Cinderbug's experience. That childhood would be something we could remember, where recent events could be more confused. They would use it to establish sort of a basline of functioning - not how I functioned then, but how I function describing it.

    But also since depression is a "listed disability", they may be looking to see if they can qualify me based on depression - I am 61 which I understand makes it easier.

    Well, I'll post a new thread after the evaluation.
  11. Clay2

    Clay2 New Member

    I got a really good examiner. He did the usual memory tests, some of which I flunked spectacularly. We discussed my disease, and he was not happy with the care I was getting.

    We were in a medical clinic, and he went around surveyed the MDs there to get me a list of 'top doctors' in the area to get treatment.

    He was a very gentle and compassionate person. It's the only part of the process that hasn't been agony.