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  1. LouiseK

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    For those of you who have been down the SSDI path, how do you find out who your disability examiner is?

    Also, I keep reading people recommending that you turn in medical records and letters from doctors at the time of filing. If you file online, how do you do this? I mean Social Security is a big place, if you mail stuff how does it even get to the right office, let alone right desk.

    So grateful for input. Lawyers are making me file this week due to pressure from disability company and I don't feel ready.

    Thank you.
  2. brensjoy

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    I went down to the social security offfice to turn in my paper work. I was told that their office would request my medical records from my doctor. They never did request my records but i did receive my disability within 6 months. A true miracle! Also i had to make an appointment to see an examiner.